Sw Eden’s 10 products of Sony

my 10 products of Sony

1. tape (cassette) recorder

Sw Eden had used it before CD era in Thailand.
Sw Eded loves to cut and record sound, edit the songs by the recorder.

2. CD player

3. Head Phone

I have 3 headphones of Sony, but I always love Creative more.

4. Digital Camera

Sw Eden used Cyber Shot T1 before the first ads in TV.

5. MP3 player for jogging

6. Labtop VAIO

I brought the wrong one. Really I should buy VAIO for Graphic, but I brought Vaio for Movie Maker that s very expensive than the graphic one.

7. Flash drive

8. Mouse

I paid for $70 for my ex-mouse. And it s gone since last week.

9. Sony Ericson (cellphone)

I like the squar shape of it.

10. CD-R and RW

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