I lost my way

Sw Eden had a really great professor last semester. He said that he loved architecture at Yale university; specially the Beinecke library. Its walls are made of many sheets of marble so people who sat in there could see the light throw the wall.

photo from Flickr.com

Sw Eden went to Yale in last semester and tried to find this building. Sw Eden had a map which was printed from Yale website in hands, but Sw Eden could not find it. Sw Eden was at Church street and asked some people how to go the Beinecke library. They pointed along the Grove street so Sw Eden walked there. Sw Eden saw the old library. Sw Eden thought that maybe, the Beinecke library was not around here.

You can see my path in blue line. I was there for 3 hours and could not find the destination. I walked around every where in Yale and got home at night.I also had to spend $28 for the rail road from New York City.

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