The greatest of the great

Who do you live for?
This is a really general question that regular people can answer it. For some people who want to dies, they cannot answer it.

There has been a person who has lived for me. I have never cared about this person. I have never known if this person is male or female (so I want to call ‘her’, here). Last month, I lost her. Really, I did not live for her, but I could not live without her. If I have never had her, you will not see everything you can see right now on this website. I have skill to draw but if I do not have her, I cannot express my skills.

When I lost her, I felt my life last a important thing. I could not work for anything. I tried to find someone like her but I could not. My hand denied Mr. Microsolf. I did not like him. I met Mr. Rolling Ball Dell and Mrs. Lasor Dell. They could not bring me to the line I had been. I was so upset. I lost my great weapon. I hated my drawing from Mr. Microsolf and Mr. Dell. They did not live for me. I was not born to be with them. I love my Mrs. Sony.

Mrs. Sony was not born again because she died in my hand. My hand’s dirtiness killed her.

Not long time ago, I found that my Mrs. Sony was not made by Daddy Sony, but she was made by King Targus. I went to buy new her and she was alive!!! My everything came back. Now, I have vivid life on computer as before my last Mrs. Sony died.

Welcome to my Mr. Sony Labtop, Mrs. Targus, I love and adore you, you are my greatest mouse.

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