Sw Eden won the price

Sw Eden had 2 1/2 days to work with his architecture project last weekend. He spent the first day by hanging out and drew 2 killing cats pics. The second day, he found this model was real hard to work. He did not sleep and nearly died in the last day. He looked at his model and thought that it was real terrible. Nothing was neat. Sw Eden brought it to school and compared with his friends in the same class. He felt so depressed. Everybody made the good and elaborate work, but not a lot of details. (Because Sw Eden thought too much and put too much detail. He was just sick.) This was the reason that Sw Eden had to work very roughly. He had many things to do. He was hopeless before the class began. He did not print his headline of the final paper for his presentation. He just wrote without drafting by hand.

The professors and other juries who went to the class and gave the price for each model, spent more than 1 hour to find the winning model. Incredible, Sw Eden’s model was one of those winners. Sw Eden got panic so much at the first time because he thought that it would be the worst one for the example.

At last, the worst day became the best day. Sw Eden found some place to write this blog and sketch some more killing-cats ways.

I had talked about this model to some friends that I called, ‘the pink spider’. I arranged the spider web form by thin pieces of wood and decorated it with the pink crystal plastic sheet panels.

The first one is the wood from. I had to cut each piece and glued it together.
The second one is the final look. Each pink panel was made by 2 layers of plastic and between the two had the water color mixed with glue and paint in it. Behind the surface, there are many thin piece of wood attached back to the clear plastic in every corner of the web, you can see some of then in this pic. like the white things.

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