Patch Adams the Movie

This movie is a biography of Patch Adams which began in 1969. At the beginning he felt that his life is worthless, and he wanted to commit suicide all the time. He had overdosed on aspirin, and moved his places more than seven times. These made him send himself to Fairfax Hospital, a mental hospital. He found that on one in this hospital can help him. Dr. Prack who was there, did not really want to help the patients, and also did not concentrate in Patch Adams’ words when they were talking. Patch Adams met Arthur Mendelssohn who was looked down by the guys in the hospital that he could not count the numbers of the bars, although he had been the manager of Brand Beaton Industries company. After Patch Adams met Arthur, he learned the way to solve the problem by looking through the problem, not just looking at the problem. As he could count the 4 fingers as 8 fingers when he looked through them.

More than learning how to solve the problem, Patch Adams also learned how to help the patient after he stayed with his roommate, Rudy in the hospital. Rudy had problem that is he feared the squirrels which he imagined them by himself. No one could help Rudy’s disorder. Dr. Prack had to do group therapy in Rudy’s room, because he could not let Rudy get out from the bed. The first time that Patch Adams was in the same room with Rudy, Rudy got frighten by invisible squirrels, the guards just injected Rudy a shot, but on one solved his problem. At night, Patch Adams could not sleep because the noise from the Rudy’s bed, which is Rudy could not go to restroom because he saw the squirrels. Patch Adams woke up and fought with all air-squirrels with air-weaspons. And his methods were successful, so Rudy could get out from the bed and go to restroom.

Patch Adams just knew that he was talented about treating the patients, and it was the thing that he really needed to do. He had pure mind to help the patient more than Dr. Prack who did just for the occupation. Patch Adams asked Dr. Prack to get out from the hospital, but Dr. Prack disagreed, but at last, he could go out to learn in The Virginia Medical College.

During the time that Patch Adams was there, most student thought that he was stupid, because he did not read the book, and not usually come to class, but he could get really good grades. He had spent his time with real situation in the hospital since he was just a first year student which was not allowed to be in the hospital. This made the Dean Walcott hated him. He also opened a clinic although he was not graduated yet. Dean Walcott also bullied him to not get the certificate. At last, Patch Adams successed his education and could open free clinic. His unique method to treat his patients is to make them happy without giving the medicine. He tried to bring himself to the patients’ mind, and understand it.

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