Visual Kei : Sw Eden’ view

From my background, I have many friends who are Visual Kei fans. I always chat with some of them via MSN. A friend put the displayed words under his or her name, “Visual Kei is not just ‘Make Up’, but it is about Spirit and Soul.” I do believe that their fans actually believe Visual Kei being that way. In my opinion, Visual Kei people is only dress-up as Gothic girls. I had felt a lot of time that those people are gay. There are not a lot of Visual Kei bands who do the make-up and still look like their own gender.

When people look at Visual Kei dressing, they said that it is visual rock. Mo0 Manzon asked me about what the Invisible Rock was like. Although it is funny question, it makes sense for me, that the music is music, and the artwork or make-up is some other things to support the music which is mainstream. Although there is no way to consider the genes of Visual Kei bands’ music with that fabulous make up. Kagrra, Dir en Grey and Unsraw almost have the same make-up, but very different style of music. Considering about economy, they spend too much money for dressing rather than showing who they are.

As my idea of Babilonia, ancient people made the dolls which had very big eyes. The eyes are the most important thing of the human’s creativity. Visual Kei is something appeal to the eyes of their fans. People become their fans very easy just by looking at their dress. They will listen to the music after like their look. This is truly opposite from the regular pop-rock or pop artist which most people became they fans by listening their music in the radio.

I saw many fans love these artists because their looking first, and then the music second. When we listen to the music, we do not need to care about the dressing. I am not sure if Visual Kei is the music mixed with modeling.

Some other kinds of band have their own unique styles of dressings, and that dressings tell the audiences, how hard of the music, what kinds of the music, etc. I love to see that kinds of bands. For Visual Kei, I do not know why the same dressings can give very different music. For example, let’s try “Kagrra” and “Dir en grey”.

This is a screenshot of index of my past website for Dir en Grey on Geocities which got deleted in October 26th, 2009
I made it when I was about 13-15 years old. When they releases Macabre album.

Dir en Grey is one of the most famous Visual Kei band in the world, because they are known by American and European during their tour with the western metal bands. First time, they got blamed about their dressing, but at the end, they got a lot of English-speaker fans. They improve their dressing to be model as the western do.


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3 responses to “Visual Kei : Sw Eden’ view

  1. gacktpause

    The term VISUAL KEI actually means “Visual Type”, and is applied to this style of Jrock because they have an aesthetic that applies a lot of importance to the look/image as well as the music. Without the image, they default to core “Jrock”. The image allows them to further accentuate and develop the story that they wish to express through their music. It’s not just about being pretty or elaborately dressed– the style of visual expression has roots in KABUKI and 1980s hair-bands, and has significance and purpose.


    • Many people have different attitude why it is not just dressing. But for me, it is dressing. 😀 I notice many bands which started with visual kei, but when they were famous, they turned to be something else. some new bands do not have the suits fit in their body, and it seems so weird especially in the show. I am sorry that I do not like them, although I had liked them so much in high school time.

      This post was changed to be softer one month ago, because there was too much hated in the old version. ^ ^ The best communication is different attitudes, but still friendly.


  2. Good posting, I bookmarked your blog post so I can visit again in the future, Thanks, Kandy Gietz


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