Internet users can help the world

You should do:
1. Change your screen and homepage(blog)’s layout to be dark or black.
2. In the afternoon, wear bright color (or white) shirt or suit. (not absorb energy or light from the sun)
3. Try to save the electirc city as much as you can.

Effect and dexcription:
Most of you are reading this blog right now are wordpress user (or other internet user). I know it is hard for you to think about how to save the world’s energy by car or industry. Sometimes, you think that you do not have to care about saving the world’s energy.

As computer users who have many account via many websites, you should love and protect the servers that you use. If the strong storms or flooding water come to kill those servers, you will not have myspace, facebook, hi5, etc. to play with anymore, and you also lost contact of many friends.


1. Most of electricity is produced by lignite.
2. Every process needs the electricity. (include computer hardware’s production and electricity use)
3. They all are causes of global warming.
4. Global warming is cause if stronger storm, thunderbolt and flooding (from ice melting).
5. All disaster can hurt the servers which we are using.

1. Protect the world from global warming
2. Protect your eyes from the bright screen
3. Save your money (from both electricity and hard ware repairing)

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