Me, Sw Eden

Sw Eden always wants all people to know who is Sw Eden(self).

I did not mean what I was like, but who I am, inside of me. I want all people to know me through my artwork, photography, poems and fictions. I look at every people as same as the way I want them to look at me. It is not important for me to see their protraits, but everything they express is much more impirtant.

Many people said that I could do many things they could not do, but I have never believed them. I believe in their abilities, and always reply their questions, about technics that I used for art or photograph.

I saw many internet users were sitting in the same place as me, just in front of computer. Everybody has their own goals. My goals for now on this computer world are: inspire people to make artwork, spread the words about Thailand, and let people know what is the meaning of “Sw Eden”.

My destinations are most people around the world know/understand my artwork and my pen name, “Sw Eden” on it, do not have to know how I look like. If I have much money, I want to buy a place in famous city to open a gallery for any artists who really want to express themselve. I want to be movie director, too, because I wrote many fictions, especially, in the action theme. For the poetry, believe me, I am a really great Thai poet, so I want to open the eyes of other Thai poets to receive every new style of Thai poems, not just the ancient styles in the old books.

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