Art and Carbon dioxide

I have watched a L’Arc en Ciel’s music video, My Heart Draws a Dream. Although I do not know Japanese language, I can read the meaning about saving the world environment through the music video.

This band and all people in the world should not just fight for the world environment, but they should start to do it by their hands. Or, I can say, they should do it first, then they ask other people to do it.

L’Arc en Ciel used bomb and fireworks for their shows. They also use real fire for one of their music video, Hitomi no Juunin. L’Arc en Ciel is not one group of people who should be blame. Many people in the world are spokesman, but they have never done anything that they asked for.

Artwork and music can be wonderful without hurting the environment. If all shows can stop using fire and fireworks, how much carbon dioxide can be reduced? I went to Guggenheim Museum around spring 2008, and I saw the artwork with fireworks and bomb. That hurt my mind and hurt all lives.

Let’s think how to change all old traditions in China, Indonesia, African, India and also my hometown, Thailand to stop making carbon dioxide.

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