Dont Ask me to do art for you.

I notice many people need the art from me. They do not consider about my time. I can say that if I were them, I will never ask anybody to spend 3 hours for me without doing anything back.

I yield for someone before, and that was very terrible when I got feedback from them.

A guy asked me more than 10 times to vector him, until I was meek. When I drew him, he just said that he did not like it. In fact, the problem is not about me, because I tried best to do the best work, but the original photo is not so good. This only thing that I got back was he moved me on his top-friend in Myspace just one week.

I got ask recently from a fan of a band. He did not consider anything before asking me. I wanted me to draw his fav band and he would give it to his fav band, and pretend that he did it. I cannot imagine that the world has this kind of human.

Those people keep asking me about that. I am not God who can make anything within one second. If I deny them, they send be back big shits, and block me. I do not need to care about this kind of people. They just got their shits back ever they do not know, because of their bad temper.

I do the artwork for my real friend. Especially my favorite friend such as Lena Bear. I will do for who that nice to me and very consider about my time.

This is an example of my artwork for my dear, Lena Bear.

on Flickr of Sw Eden

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