Rough Review, Die in Cries’ Albums

I bought 2 albums of Die in Cries. Don’t ask me why I bought them. All review is from my attitude and experience, please consider before believe.

Firstly, I am sure that this band is a normal band. This means, not crazy, not mad, not nervous and not bothersome. Just like 80% of top billboard chart. If you really know the style of Thai rock, that is Die in Cries. More-than-half of Thai teenagers will like them, if they know them. Mostly, their songs sound good as currently. Good throat of vocalist, and good drummer.

They are regular, so everyone can listen to theirs. Just go Imeem or last.rm.
The real of me is 80% of whole songs in the world make me sleepy.

If you compare L’Arc en Ciel, the link by Yukihiro, drummer, L’Arc was a kid in that era. Many bands are more famous. See Buck Tick, Sads, blah blah blahhh. Where are them for now? Really different from L’Arc en Ciel who is famous around the world, and got on top place in oricon chart.

I dont want to be judged by this blog. I will go to sleep after I end both their albums.

Die in Cries

For Thai rock, you can listen to them at
Try artists like, peace maker, potato, etc. Any bands you click on, they sound like Die in Cries.


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2 responses to “Rough Review, Die in Cries’ Albums

  1. I’ve only heard one song by Die in Cries 🙂


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