I was there, where You are

@ I was there, where you are
I try to be there, where you are
You did not try to be there, where I was
We are in the same place with different thoughts
@ I thought like you think
Our relationship is nothing
Intimacy is not the time
I could not be calm
@ You keep on fighting,
While what I do is just sing
You were totally asleep,
While I stood to beep
@ Now, you against the rebel
Now, I am an artist well
Last 10 years, I shout to call
This year, you just hear mine all

©2008 – sw-eden

Author’s Comments
This poem I wrote for current Thai people (around 2007-2008).
Last 10 years, I against the guy who became the current rebel of Thailand.
I tried to tell everybody, but no one believed me.
Everybody said, he was nice.
For now, I am bored to care about this guy, while everyone in my country just knew that he was bad.
I want to be like in my past.
I want to feel like them, or like me in the past.


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