Paradox Thai Band – It is so tired to be teenager (Lyrics translated to Eng)

lyrics เนื้อร้อง : Ittipong “TaTa” Kidakorn na Ayutaya
Music ทำนอง : Ittipong “TaTa” Kidakorn na Ayutaya
Arranged เรียบเรียง : Paradox
Translated แปล : Sw Eden (

They tell me to do, they tell me to see, they say it is good; please stop
I want to do it my own, follow my dream. I cannot forbid myself, I want to tried.
The adults, parents look at me. They warn. You may think I am nonsense, I do not think and I do not care.
But I just wanna tell you, my life is not easy as that.
* Will you change? If you try, you will know that the life has never stopped

** It is so tired to be teenager. It is the tired age.
I must do this; I must do that; every way.
It is so heavy to be teenager. It is the tired work.
Pressure from here, worry from there, every time.

I must read the book. Sleep late and wake up early. I have to go to tuition school. I must be nice boy. I must be special boy.
I must catch up the fashion. There are a lot of thing to know, and to try.
I must playing sport. I must watching TV. I must play the music. I must have girlfriend. I must have heart problem.
No one knows, my love is so chaotic.

( * / ** )


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