1 buck can feed 10 meals

There are a lot of poor people in Thailand. Many of them earn just 1 bath (3 cents) a day. On TV, a grandmother and kids, who the parents left, because of poverty. That old woman could grow the kids up with that little money. In far-away place, the rice is so cheap. Poor people cannot choose to eat other things. No other food. Just rice. That is their best food. And the same, in Africa. Poor people with undernourished, then the dicease.

Poverty are ‘no clean, no healthy, no good life-quality. They do not want even the cloth. The cloth cannot fill their hungriness.

I wrote about people buying exceed things. Some people have 40 pairs of shoes. Some people pay to have short trip in other countries. They pay just for happiness of themselves. Just short-time happiness, at the same moment, million people scream with hungriness.

In a supermarket, it writes, “100 bags feed 100 meals”. They say ‘Go Green’. It is hard to immagine, that how many people really think about it.

I am telling you today, and I hope you will say it to other friends. Many people and many different way to persuade.
Thank you very much. You are so nice.

**I should talk about “Sufficiency Economy” the words from my King, later.

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