9 Contests of 9 Songs from project about Zi:Kill

This is the project for promote a band, called, Zi:Kill. Everyone in the group will know who is Zi:Kill, or has this word stick in the memory. Right now we have more than 3000 members, and all them will know Zi:Kill. The comment code which was post on the photo, can be seen from other people who are not in the group, too. So a lot of people will know Zi:Kill.

I cannot make them love Zi:Kill. Just like famous people. All people in the world do not have to like Angie, but they know Angie. So now, you know the purpose of this project.

Let’s see the contest achievement
We already finish 9 contests of the songs, and at the end of every contest, I wrote a description about the song. Like, the song’s review.
on this topic http://www.flickr.com/groups/zi-kill/discuss/72157610300137612/
You should look at all great photos which are the winner of all contests. They have really great work!

I will post only text of review in this page.

_____You can use each link to visit entry contest_____

1st contest : PARADISE

Paradise is an early song of Zi:Kill with all English lyrics.
Lyrics by Tusk / Music by Ken, Tusk (most songs, Ken works for lyrics)
Tusk’s voice in this song is really really beautiful bass. And damn cute guitar. 😀

2nd contest : Lonely

Lonely is the special song that all members wrote together.
Then, it is the first song of Best Hit album.
Tusk influence this song a lot, until the music video is his style.
Most songs of Zi:Kill is influenced by Ken.
You can watch this music video in Tusk’s style at imeem.

3rd contest : Rocket
(All got the same score)

Rocket is the name of all members’ most favorite song. They names their album, DVD and tour with this name, too. The idea of the music video and the music is separate the work into 2 pieces; fast and slow / black and white. Both song and music video are really cool surrealistic artwork.

You may watch Rocket music video at www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAaXkb5nUVU

4th contest : Your Face

Your Face is one of Zi:Kill ‘s songs with Metal style. The drums of this song is pretty great. This song may be crazy, but pretty unique with sharp and tensional sounds from all instruments. You should listen to it one time.

If you have never listened to this Metal before, I do not think, that you will like it, but surely you will say, that Zi:Kill is talented.

Follow the link to listen on imeem
Or if you like you can buy CD at cduniverse (This is not relate to our team. just advice)

5th contest : Desert Town
(All got the same score)

Desert Town is an early song of Zi:Kill, and got selected to be the album, Disgrace the Best. The identity of this song is the smooth and flowing melody of vacalist. Just like walking in a fine day.
This phrase is also for promoting. All members wear kabuki masks. Very cool.
You can listen to this songs on imeem

6th contest : People Purple
(2nd and 3rd got the same score)

People Purple is a Zi:Kill’s song in Metal style. If you listen to this song, you will feel you are in the battle of music. All sounds of all instruments try to chop and fence each other. Tusk, the vocalist loves to dance around in this song. At the end, they repeat the same noise, really give the feeling back to 30’s era. Really good mixing, and professional.

7th contest : Nanimo Iranai
(There are 3 3rd prize winners)

Description by Sw Eden, and Thanks Mo0 for close this contest for me.
Nanimo Iranai is one of the most beautiful songs of Zi:Kill. Beautiful with rhythms of guitar and keyboard and soft drums from the heritage brush drums sticks. This song is really incredible. The arrangment is pretty awesome. They move along the wave and the weight which are changed at whole length. It is really wonderful and really fantastic. All people in the world can fall in love with it for sure.

I found a music profile on www.last.fm/music/Zi%3AKill/_/Nanimo+Iranai , but I cannot play at my PC, lantop and PC at school.

8th contest : The Law
(There are 4 2nd prize winners)

The Law is a song in Close Dance album. Zi:Kill changed the style in every album. They had never been boring. The songs in Close Dance have loud and bass voice of vocal. The music seems to be the growling of lion. No high pith screaming. This song also hides many noises that people cannot catch them at the first time. Zi:Kill did that on many songs, too. They are elaborate to make all nice parts of their music.
You can listen to The Law on www.imeem.com/people/zN8i1kT/music/yzyI0ibR/zikill_the_law/
It may be weird for people who have never listened to this kind of song.

9th contest : I Love Cat
we know, cat has 9 lives, and this is 9th contest

I Love Cat is one of the most famous song of Zi:Kill. It is fun, and has a cool surrealistic music video, just like a Dali’s movie in other people’s eyes. For me, they are different. In Rocket live, Tusk, the vocalist also played harmonica in this song. Really really cool.
A moderator of this group, hide_chan uploaded this music video on youtube, you can view in here (the woman who danced, is the same one in 1992 live)
and this is only music part on imeem I Love Cat

________Be Continued_________

All these, I did it from my love. I always love Zi:Kill, and I hope, I will love them forever.

Read! Who is Zi:Kill?

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