Human Cloning and Moral

Nowaday, there are many technologies were created by scientists for both positive and negative ways. People can identify both them which is good and which is bad very clearly. For the example, we can say that the development of war weapons is bad and the development of medicine is good. For cloning, it is very hard to say it is good or bad, or wrong or right. Both scientists and critics always argure together about moral and human right of cloning.

Cloning is good for healing some deseases in fetus. If we know that mother and father have genetic problem and their baby will be deformed, cloning can help them to solve this problem in their baby. This is their nice wishing so it should not be wrong in moral. In the book of Ivan Semeniuk, “After Dolly : The Uses And Misuses Of Human Cloning”, he mentioned about a case that mother did not know about her genetic problem before having a baby. When she knew from her first baby, she wanted to have a baby without deforming. If she already had both baby, she may love the cloned baby who was perfect more than her first deformed baby. This would be the problem for her family especially at her first baby.

To clone a human may be to kill that human if there are some mistake. People who want the scientist to clone their baby have to spend a lot of money for the precess so no one need the mistake. If the scientist makes some mistake in the fetus, the only way to do with fetus is killing. I am sure that the parents who spend that much money want only perfect child as in the promise. To make the stem cell is a kind of cloning, but it is cloning of some part of body. The stem cell can grow to be human, but the scientist puts some protien to stop it and gives it to the one who pay for it such as a disable guy who want a leg. This is a kind of killing by stopping the stem cell to grow to be human and give it to belong to someone.

For first two reasons that i mentioned about is the problem about family and wrong thing in moral. There are also many people talk about it in religion way. Barbara MacKinnon wrote in her book, “Human Cloning” that opponents claim that cloning subverts dignity, makes a mockery of spousal love, and poses serious safety hazards. In my opinion, I do not think this is such a thing that is very important about having a child by one person. If I do not want to marry or I cannot find a good man for my life, but I really want a child, I should have my right to have a child who was cloned from me. Or if both husband and wife want to have a perfect child, they should be able to have because to create a perfect child is good for both parent and the child himself. For the book of Ivan Semeniuk, he wrote that there are many Roman Catholic Church against the human cloning, but there are only some church that allow the scientist to do.

This is my adding if I do not talk about moral or human right. There are good and bad results. Because science prove need elaborating results, I think about if they clone the mouses for their lab and all mouses are the same clone, the result of that lab will be very correct. For criminal, he can clone some part of the manager of a bank such as eyes or thumb print to hack to the bank’s system and steal the money.

We all know there are good and bad result about the cloning so the only way to solve this problem is setting some law for controlling it. For the example, if the mother already has a child, she cannot clone another child. Another person cannot clone someone who do not want to be cloned. Anyway, people always break the law as we can see in every country around the world that there are many crimes. To setting some laws may be the good way to work with this problem, but there will be someone break it. Right now, who knows if there are some scientists already cloned a human.

Article and Photos by Sw Eden (สว อิเฎล)


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