Mr. Jones the Movie Review

Year: 1993
Director: Mike Figgis
Actors: Richard Gere, Lena Olin

In my real life, I like Lena Olin better than Richard Gere; but in this paper, I wrote about how Dr. Elizabeth should not be the doctor.


According to the movie of Mr. Jones, I would like to mention about Dr. Elizabeth Bowen who made a lot of mistake silly. Although she was a nice woman, she was not a really good psychologist. First, she should not make too much relationship with some mad guy as Mr. Jones. For example, she let him to be in her car very easily and brought him to lunch and to his home. She should not rely on this guy because he just made her shameful in the law court, and she was also angry. After that, when Mr. Jones became one of her clients, she also took care Mr. Jones much more than for other clients who also needed her time and her care, too. She should not find information about Mr. Jones’ ex-girlfriend and tell him because that made the situation much worse than before. This was a silly thing; too, because she did not know if she told him about his ex-girlfriend who he believed that she was already dead, the mad guy as Mr. Jones would never listen to her and got angry very easily.

In fact, if Mr. Jones was real bi-polar person, he should not come to this hospital. If considering about his emotions, I think he felt better when he was outside, and he looked so sad when he was in the hospital. It means this hospital made him much worse than he had been, or he was a patient or Dr. Elizabeth, and she could not help him to be better. I think when they fell in love in each other, which was wrong in moral. There was no reason that person as Dr. Elizabeth could fall in love in this bi-polar man. She is not so clever and she had never thought before doing anything. When she resigned from the hospital, it seemed like she did the right thing, but for me, she was wrong. Many clients in that hospital need her help. And, also after she know that she had done something wrong with a suicide client, she would have experience and would never do it again. After she resigned, she went to help Mr. Jones, and that was also not clever thing to do. They should not be together as lovers. Dr. Elizabeth is a normal and not bad woman, but she chose to be with Mr. Jones who was really abnormal. She did not think about after she was his wife and what will happen next. Mr. Jones might change emotion and hit her someday.

There was another thing that also showed that she was not a good therapist. When she met a black guy who complained about a woman who did not come to see him, she got hurt. That was because she was a bad psychologist; she could not know how to talk with this kind of client. On other hand, Mr. Jones who was abnormal could know how to treat this black guy with out any hurt, and then, this black guy release Dr. Elizabeth.

For my opinion about whole movie, I totally cannot believe that this situation can be real. Mr. Jones might be just a excellent guy who pretended to be abnormal and made his life very happy by spending all money with in one day. Then, he could make Dr. Elizabeth fall in love in him, and if he got her, he did not have to work anymore because she could look after him for whole life.


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