Adjustment Letter (Good News Letter Style)

This letter is sample only. You can study it for your homework or real-time letter; but you cannot copy directly from this page.

©2009 – Sw Eden

School of Architecture and Design
New York Introduction of Technology
1633 Broadway
New York City, NY 11301
October 31, 2009



Sw Eden
30 Borough Road
Bangkok 10163

Dear, Sw

By the upcoming month, I will update my website of sooner as I did in the last semester.

As a result of my internet-connection problem, I can only update my website at school. Please do not worry, the internet connection will work soon, after the computer engineer fixes it at my house.

Although the rule for late assignment was written in our class syllabus, I did not take it seriously during the previous month, because I understand the problem of my website. I check the students’ assignments during the discussions in class. If you show your work in class, you will not get 10% off from your scores. This does not mean that you do not have to upload your assignments to my website. Your uploaded files are the most important part of this class, because at the end of the semester, I will grade you based on the work you put on the website. Please make sure that you have finished every part of the required assignments.

Thank you so much for letting me know this problem, and also for your attention to the assignments. I will send a notification e-mail to every student in our class. This will be a good understanding and a new agreement of how to submit the work in this month. When my internet connection is fixed, we will use the same rule as in the course syllabus.

Prof. William Martin
Arch-310 Instructor

Sw Eden is a Thai artist. You must know me.


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