Samak Sundaravej dies

Nov 24, 2009
They said, they saw Samak Sundaravej ghost in the council… Everyone saw the same thing…

ASTV wrote that Samak wore his full white dress. The image was appeared in the middle of LCD monitor. He respected in Thai style. Then, all lights were shutting down… They do believe that what they saw is real Samak Sundaravej, because there is none of Samak’s photo in any computer. All is 4 seconds.

Samak Sundaravej died with liver cancer at Banrungrach Hospital at 9.33 AM. He had been 25th prime minister of Thailand, and Bangkok Governor. He is famous in cooking, but I do not know how he cooked to get the cancer in himself.

I would like to let you know that everyone has to die someday. We cannot brougth any money with us. The only thing that we can leave for this world is our name. Notorious or Honorable. We should not pay our honor to get dirty money. We should not be selfish. We are not materialism. We will be happy when we can make others happy, rather than be happy on others’ sadness.

Please think, when you die, what kind of liquid will be dropped on your corpse, tear or savila?

I did draw something for him long time ago.
Thai people call him, Rose Apple, because of his nose.
You may look up wikipedia to read his stuff.

Drawing for Samak Sundaravej about age ago.


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