Tak Bongkot Kongmalai (ตั๊ก บงกช คงมาลัย)

Some Thai people think that her face is not beautiful, but only her boobs are so great. Thailand has too many beautiful people, is the reason that Tak Bongkot Kongmalai seems so regular. Her habit makes her different. She is internationally more famous than other Thai actresses. I know that foreigners keep google her name. Thay knew her from many export movies, such as Tom Yum Kung, Bangrajan, Ai Fak, etc.

ตั๊ก บงกช คงมาลัย Tak Bongkot Kongmalai, Drawing by Sw Eden

This is different from in Thailand itself. Most teenagers do not talk about her that much, although everyone knows her. Mostly they do talk about sweet-white-skin actresses and feminine-face actors. Some people who hate Tak Bongkot also rail her as a porn star. This word is not cool in Thailand. Thais do not consider it as Rock Star as American thought. She is actually not a porn star, but she has many rumors about her boyfriends. This is the main reason that some people cannot stand it.

Thai culture is intersection between low-context and high-context. Tak Bongkot tends to be very very low-context as America and Switzerland. Low-context people always do not care much about her rule in the movie or her gossip news, but they just catch up as fans. On the other hand, high-context people will keep talking and posting her bad news up on the website. Their leader is one old woman. These people like to blame other people, because they will be famous from their bad words. This makes me not sure that they are super high-context or they just want to show off.

The thing that make me interested in her more than other Thai actresses is how baring she talks. I like her interview. She is not super intelligent, but her words are friendly. When I look up English sources online, I am happy that she is so hot! I had watch her in a variety show. It is about making coffee and tea. The show sent her to be the cook’s assistant. First time, she knew that the camera was there, but when she was in hurry, she forgot everything. She tasted a milky sugar with her finger. She looks so innocence. The cook finished many cup of Thai Tea and gave them away to the audience, cup by cup, by cup, by cup. She stared at him as, “WTF?”. I like that face so much. She is not arrogant and pretending as many movie stars do.

Tak Bongkot Kongmalai ตั๊ก บงกช คงมาลัย, Drawing by Sw Eden

One of my friend let me know that “Tak Bongkot” represent a bad meaning in their group. About 3 years ago, I have dinner with a group of Thai students in New York City. We talked about entertainment in general. Ome said, “I do not like Brad Pitt’s new girlfriend, Angelina Jolie, because she is just like Tak Bongkot, I mean the harlot.” That shocked me!! Both Angelina Jolie and Tak Bongkot are my favorite!! They are self-confident women. They are such the female sexy heroes in the online game. I argued with Ome, and some other friends helped to separate us.

Ome’s word is half right and half wrong. Half wrong is they are not harlot. And the half right is they have something similar. I did not really notice that, too. Once, in summer 2009, the Post Today Newspaper printed Tak Bongkot with Lara Croft, Tom Rider dress. It was for The Reality Show in Bangkok. Thai actors and actresses dressed to be all famous Hollywood stars. Tak Bongkot is the most similar one. I saw Johney Depp and Tom Cruise and stuff, but they did not look like the real guys.

This is Tak Bongkot Kongmalai in Lara Croft, Tom Rider dress.


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7 responses to “Tak Bongkot Kongmalai (ตั๊ก บงกช คงมาลัย)

  1. I just signed up to your rss feed! Will you post more about the topic?


  2. We in Australia dont even know who she is….never heard of her… because we have such famous actors in Hollywood as Russell Crowe, Mel Gibson, Nicole Kidman, Hugh Jackman, Simon Baker…just to mention a few…I would say Australia is probably second to Hollywood so perhaps tell her to come here and I can give her some acting lessons if she wants to make it big!!!


  3. I have to say, it is kind of incredible how many guys I know are going out with Asian women. I’ll admit that I do find some Asian ladies to be very pretty, but what do you think the attraction is really about? Why do some white guys only date Asian girls…can someone explain the attraction to me?


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