Tusk Zi:Kill without cosmetics

You may have seen some stuff of this in Open The Gate DVD, when Tusk was in the studio. (The link is only videos which someone post on Youtube. They do not included the studio part. Anyway, I bought this DVD for 30 bucks about 2 years ago.) The picture below is Tusk when he walked to Extasy Summit 92. The live to welcomed Heath (Hiroshi Morie) into the stage.

Tusk Tusk Tusk Tusk

Without cosmetics, Tusk is not handsome. (We can say he is cute) He does not look much different from the current Tusk (Mr. Itaya : 板谷祐). Sw always dreams to see Zi:Kill Reunion. My friends (on Myspace and Deviantart) believe that Tusk cannot be handsome and smart as in Zi:Kill time anymore. Consideration with this issue, you will see that the make-up can help a lot!! Although his fans concentrate to his voice rather than his face, his handsome face will pull the new people to be his fan. The eyes are so important. My belief is just like Babilonia belief. they are the most important receipter of the body.

Nothing is too late to change. Zi:Kill are the same age as L’Arc~en~Ciel, and they had been much hotter in their time. I do not sure if some Zi:Kill fans hate Yukihiro. If there are conflicts between Yukihiro and Tusk or Seiichi, it is not between Yukihiro and Ken. Ken hired Yukihiro to work on his solo album, “The Hip Grind Man”. Yukihiro is good at electro music, but I do not like it though. My most favorite song in that album is “Do You Believe in Magic”. Eby played drums for this song.

Read more about Zi:Kill at Zi:Kill Included Directory

A friend of us found a picture, which the book was owned by “nick_ben41” on Yahoo Aution
You know!! Eby Chan is XoXo cute!! Zi:Kill is so funny and happy band!!


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10 responses to “Tusk Zi:Kill without cosmetics

  1. did they really hate yukkie?
    that must be rumors ……


    • Some people hate Yukihiro, because he left Zi:Kill after Zi:Kill went to Europe, and just right before Zi:Kill tour in Japan. so Zi:Kill got crazy to find a new drummer.

      Well, I will ask my friend. He know better than me, and I may write something about this. You have a good question for my next topic.



      • ok i’ll wait for that …. just let me know if u finished that …
        so Zi: Kill thy move to Europe? ….

        what i read from u’r post is that he never seen on a camera without make up ne?
        is this the first time u saw him non make up?

        well there’s some local band in my country som hard rock band named “Kuburan” in english means grave ….. so scary ne …?

        all of the members never show their face without a scary make up u know …. all over their face just like a mask …
        so nobody knows how they look like excatly without make up …
        n they said they feel better with that condition …..



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