Sample Business Memorandum

Date: September, 25th, 2009
To: All members of Speed-Star Club
From: Sw Eden, a staff member of the Google-high Museum
Subject: Meeting and Activity with Surrealist Artists at Google-high Museum

© All rights reserved : Sw Eden
This letter is sample only. You can study it for your homework or real-time letter; but you cannot copy directly from this page.

A new art exhibition is now installed at Google-high Museum. We wish to invite you and your family to join the artists meeting at 9.00 AM of Monday, 29th. The artists who will come to this meeting have done many surrealistic paintings, so you are freely to ask anything from them about their artwork. This meeting is also a really great opportunity for those of you who love to talk about artwork. You will meet new friends who speak in the same language as you, that is language of art. Moreover, we also provide some special things for you and family as following.

Surrealist Art Class for Children : If you bring your children to the Museum on that day, they can enjoy a free art classroom by two famous surrealist artists, Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte. All painting supplies will be set for your children, so please no worry to prepare anything to here. We promise that you will see the artwork that you have never seen before, which is made by your children!

Discount from SubwayCard : This is for every family who come together more than two people; all other people with the same surname will be able to attend the meeting at the half price. This discount will be active only if at least two people in the family hold the SubwayCards.

Gift for You from the Exhibition : Mr. Ryan Ross, a surrealist artist wants to see your smiles with his Candy Exhibition. It is located on the third floor of the museum. You are allowed to be an artist to change the shape of all candy sculptures. You can take some candy, rearrange them or add the garbage of the candy to the original sculptures. Mr. Ryan Ross gave us the reason for this exhibition, that is he needs to have you as a part of artwork, as same as you are a part of nature. The real which is more than reality is something people experience in their routine, but they just cannot describe it.

Do not forget to bring your family, your children and your SubwayCards. There are so many surrealistic-art exhibitions which are waiting for you. And as you know that surrealistic art has never disappointed their fans. The Google-high Museum is near Speed-Star Club. Just take a 4-5-6 train to 86 street and walk to 5th avenue. The Google-high Museum is right there! We will be excited to see you! Do not miss it!

Visit Sw Eden’s online Gallery at Sw Eden’s Flickr Gallery

Painting by Sw Eden


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4 responses to “Sample Business Memorandum

  1. Barton Kurian

    This information is bit incomplete, I must say that the homework was done really good, but the problem came when you tried to assemble this information and present it. No doubt you did your best and I appreciate the fact that this will help as well, you should read other posts as well to make your posting really to the point and really understandable. I will PM you some of the threads about this topic so that the next time you visit the forum and post something really informative like this, it will be more effective and helpful to all.


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