Sample Proposal

Faculty of Science
Slip and Korn University
900 Korno street
Nakornpratom 68023

October 31, 2009

Mr. Plaking Jordima
Science and Technology Minister
36 Sw Eden Rd.,
Bangkok South
Bangkok 19096

Dear Mr. Jordima:

Life quality of citizens is one of the most important factors to develop the country. All Thai people should consume organic food without artificial hormones and chemical substances. Although many kinds of pest destroy the agricultural product until most farmers have to use chemical substance to kill them, using natural material is also another way to protect the crops from the insects.

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Problem of Crops
According to a report in Post Today newspaper on October 25th, 2009, a group of scientists found that a Thai buffalo’s death was the result of chemical substances using in the farm. The buffalo is a strong animal, which is more powerful than a human twist. That unlucky buffalo was died from eating a pound of lettuce after only 1 hour. This means the chemical substance which the farmers used for their farm is very harmful for humans.

Problem of Environment
The earth can absorb every kind of chemical substances and release to rivers when it rains. Most of chemical substances used in farm are for killing insects, so they also kill many useful underground animals and small fish. The big fish does not die with the chemical substances, but it accumulates them in its meat. If people consume that fish, they may simply get a cancer.

Proposed Plan
Chili and garlic can prevent every kind of pest except their own pest. Both materials are cheap and can be grown in every region of Thailand. Using both materials replace the chemical substances is a good choice for both farmers and consumers.

We are the honor graduates from the Faculty of Science from Slip and Korn University. Our university has been known as the best university in the Asia, especially science and medicine. Slip and Korn University has proper laboratory for this project and also has a large space for testing crops. Mr. Wasin Kemee will be our advisor until the end of project. Mr. Kemee has been the director of Organic Chemistry Center of Thailand since 2005. He also got a Nobel Prize in the field of Chemistry for Environment. All of us decide to work without any benefit. Ms. Asipis Puchongka, the chancellor of Slip and Korn University supports us to use the laboratory and space in the university without any expenses.

Proceeding and Schedule
Although we cannot have a schedule with an exact date because of the growing time of sample crops, we can have an accurate proceeding to work and develop our target product.
– Grow lettuce, spinach, radish, bamboo shoots and pumpkin for the sample crops
– Distill the essentials of chili and garlic
– Test each essential with the golden files which are the main pest of all crops
– After getting the right substance to protect the flies, produce more of it and use in testing crops.
– Build up the net house covering all testing crops
– Release the golden flies into the net house
– Record the results of the research
We may do some step over and over again, to find the best part of essentials and the best way to use the product for the real crops.


Quantity Rate (฿/item) Total (฿)
Crops : Lettuce seeds 100 bags 10 1,000
Spinach seeds 100 bags 25 2,500
Radish seeds 100 bags 15 1,500
Bamboo shot seeds 100 bags 30 3,000
Pumpkin seeds 100 bags 10 1,000
Equipment: Spade 4 125 500
Net (for net house and for catching sample insect) 100 yards 20 2,000
Wood 4”x4”x8’ (structure of net house) 20 100 2,000
Total Costs ฿ 13,500

The result of this project will be very beneficial for all Thai people and the environment. We understand that the government needs to improve the life quality of Thai citizen, so this project must be one of the best ways to succeed the government’s target. Please consider supporting this project and please give us the response before November 31.

Sw Eden and the team


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  1. I always have fun cooking. Much appreciation for this writing.


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