Tusk ice-cream Hideto Matsumoto ฮิเดะ

This is a short story which I had had show some X Japan’s fans, especially in Thailand. Half of them like my work, but another half do not like me. Most people who do not like me are men. I do not know why. Some X Japan fans in Thailand are not so friendly to me. I found I failed to promote Zi:Kill in their group, but now i do not care about that stuff. Zi:Kill and X Japan are super different!! I should head on Punk fans rather than stuff like that. If people know me, they know Zi:Kill for sure. I speed myself up on my Myspace. Myspace become the excellent website for now with many cool services.

Drawing of Tusk Zi:Kill and Hide, when Hide was not with him.

You also can see a lot more of Hide and Zi:Kill artwork by me, Sw Eden on this post CLICK HERE!!!

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