The Rev A7X died

All are because of drugs. The Rev, one of my most favorite drummer has passed away. I cannot stand it. It is just right next from the Christmas day. Sw Eden’s drawing of The Rev has been the longest-time myspace avatar. I do not check the news that much, but I do not know why, yesterday, Dec 29, I wrote Avenged Sevenfold review and little bit of biography in Thai language. It is just coincident. I think I know a lot of about them if compare with other Thai people. The Rev should not have died!

อ่านเป็นภาษาไทย คลิกที่นี่
But how can he be with a dinosaur now?

Age ago, one of my most favorite guitarist and song writer passed away. He is Andrew Howard the leader of Twisted Method. It was about drugs, too. Rock-stars always ended up their life with drug. Sw Eden hates drug, and I will never touch it!

The fact is, if one famous member in any band dies, the band will be the legend at the end. Maybe, all of us, and all other members of Avenged Sevenfold have to thank the Rev. Sw Eden is pretty sure about this.

The Rev = The Reverend Tholomew Plague = James Owen Sullivan
You can find out more of him on Wikipedia or other fan site, because I do not want to repeat the same story in the same way.

Before I know about this stuff, the search engine shock my Deviantart status. Like, I got thousand clicks and thousand downloads, which are crazy and abnormal. Right now, I do not know what to say more. I mean, I cannot bare it. I dont know how I feel.

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