If L’Arc~en~Ciel is really suck,…

feature on “216 Ways to Kill Cat” by Sw Eden

Sw Eden, me, knew about L’Arc~en~Ciel first time in 1999 or when I was 10 years old. I tbought they had 2 female members which were Hyde and Tetsu. I started to listen to their music intensively when I was 13. There was only a few classmates who liked the same music. Many people said that their music was too loud and they would hate to hear. The L’Arc~en~Ciel lovers still love to turn on their music so load when they brought their friends to home. I always heard about that complaint.

For this band, I bought almost all their albums. When I put it in my parent’s car, and wherever at home, everyone would ask me to turn the tuner down. They all got a headache. I was so confident that I got the albums of the best band, but right now, I am not sure if I was blind when I was young. All people all have a good taste of music, but not L’Arc~en~Ciel. One of their album that I still like is “True”. I agreed with Kwan, my friend on the bus, that L’Arc~en~Ciel’s things got worse in Smile album, and they went better again in Awake. After the album “Awake”, I have never bought any of their CD anymore. In fact, it was the time that I went to the United States, and I found out new types of music fit into me.

Yukihiro with Poster colors by Sw Eden

Tetsu will not love you if you say “L’Arc~en~Ciel suck”, although many people in my country do not like it, and I confirm that they have a good taste of music. Their favorite artists are not suck.

I found an translated interview by Natalie Arnold on http://dekiruhito.com/node/198 from BASS Magazine – December 2007
Let’s read this short part.

Q : You don’t need to get closer to them?
Tetsu : For example, if we were to take someone who thinks “L’Arc~en~Ciel totally sucks, their songs are no good”, and ask that person “So what kind of music do you like, then?” we could hear their answer. Then we might listen to that music and see if we get it or not. Then we might go “Ah, it’s actually this kind of music that sucks, not us” (laughs), so we don’t need to get close to that person. It’s like “Go ahead, say whatever you want.”

I just guess from my own perspective, if it was Hyde, Hyde might feel depressed somehow, of he might go to listen to that music, and try to improve himself. When Hyde went to the game show/TV show, you could see his character there. He always smiles and has a positive point of view. He is fun, anyway.

Tusk and Hide (as Seth et Holth)

One of my high-school friend who was called “Bowling” asked me if I liked L’Arc~en~Ciel. I said, “Yes, but all other people in the school push X-Japan into me.” They did not even know what the L’Arc~en~Ciel was. They were the genius science students, the top of whole country with 123+ IQ. Only Japanese band they knew from the news is X Japan, and they did not like it, too. They listened to Mozart/Beethoven and Orchestra things and also Thai music. I was only the J-Rock person in this fantastic school, and my grade went down pretty bad. I just hope it was not related. But from the research, Mozart’s music can develop the children’s brain, and it should be true. I love his fast and fun melody, and I could play drum along with it. His music does not work with my brain so well. I do not relax, because I naturally catch the piano note.

I will relate everything to my favorite Zi:Kill. Most of Zi:Kill and Ken’s songs always have a little lovely piano melody behind the sound of vocal. If you do not really concentrate on it, you may need to tune it very loud to hear this lovely part. Ken is so talented on song arrangement. the combination of all instruments is totally perfect. You must listen to it. You can listen to them here http://www.playlist.com/playlist/19139456523 (Notice : They are all low quality with 56-96kbps, and most of them are just half of the songs. To listen to full songs with good quality, you need to buy their releases at CDjapan.com, just $23 per CD!! Love them, support them!!)

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7 responses to “If L’Arc~en~Ciel is really suck,…

  1. Devina

    Oh well am a hardcore fan of L’Arc~en~Ciel, I literally love all of their songs and in my opinion IQ doesnt exactly relate to someone’s taste of music. My IQ stands at 127 and I’m more into J-Rock <: Furthermore, I'm always falling asleep whenever I listen to classic, I guess I aint into classic so, so don't get really discouraged about that <:


    • My point of this post is to say that favorite music of those who hate L’Arc~en~Ciel is not really suck as Tetsu said.
      : )
      All people has their own critical thought, and Tetsu should not judge them with his own songs.


  2. I think you missinterpret tetsu’s word…he doesn’t say the other music sucks…he says MAYBE. plus he said it with laugh.

    I agree with what tetsu says “go ahead say whatever you want”…That is the kind of musician I like…the one who would play the music they like instead of what other people like.

    My other favorite band is Muse, they once asked to re-master their album, Origin of Symetry, so that it would be fit for American ears and can be sold there…and they simply said “if I have to change my music, it’s better not to sale it there”

    I never like musician who make music because The world like that kinda music…I like bands with their own personality…like Larc, Muse, Radiohead, and many other.

    And DEVINA, I agree….hahaha IQ has nothing to do with music, I am more than 128 and my music range is never drift away from rock. tho I hear classic occasionnaly.


    • Well, dear
      It is hard to find a standard test for really high IQ. They/we are 240 people out of our country, had studied about Science intensively. They are so excellent, and they select a good music to listen to. When they said ‘L’Arc en Ciel suck’, does not mean their fav music have to be suck.

      I guest you know what kind of habit that his fans know about him. I tried to write fairly, as other the regular people look at the band. If I do not like them, there is no reason that I have to draw them.

      We have other same fav bands, as you wrote. I like Muse and blah….


  3. That is true…sucks or not sucks is depend on people’s perpective.

    For me, R n B and Hiphop totally sucks but there are many people who think those music are cool…andthose people might say that Larc sucks…and all I can say is just like Tetsu ‘they can say whatever they like’ hahaha my taste of music is mine not theirs.

    Oh hi fellow Muse lover 🙂

    being Muse lover isn’t an easy task either…many people hate them … but I don’t care about their opinion…think of it as a wind blow (an Indonesian term)


    • My most fav thing is alternative Rock/Punk. I guest, you are the same. Avenged Sevenfold, another fav band of me is also hated by most people. You may hate it, too, I dont know. hihi


      • Hahaha I’m in the neutral zone there 🙂 neither love nor hate.

        I kinda stop listening to American nowadays bands (bands that comes out in 2000). My american source of music stays in the 80s till late 90s…the only american bands I am still following now are the remnant of the past such as Greenday.


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