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Zi:Kill Poster
The original scan is from Morgiana sama on Live Journal, and I vector it on Illustrator. If you like the band, print out for your beautiful room. The size is around regular poster (2×3 feet). I posted it in my home, too.

The Download result is ready to print. Just open it in Microsoft PowerPoint and print is out on A4 or 8.5×11 (letter), then tape them together. If you have a real big printer/plotter, just download original files, you can click on pictures, and get “All size” on top of image.

download :

download :

Zi:Kill Myspace or Web Layout
You can change the code to fit in your website/blog. Please do not re-upload my artwork. I do have unlimited bandwidth for you.
Example on Zi:Kill Site List
Example on Myspace Zi:Kill Site List
Get Code : TXT File

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