Red-Shirt Protest in Thailand

By RataJIT:)
Currently, RataJit as well as everyone in Thailand can get only one news from many newspapers that REAL Thai people are not happy with the serious situation from Red Shirt protest especially in Bangkok.
Firstly, we hopes to see every side either the government or red-shirt can finish by negotiation. By the way, red-shirt themselves upset such negotiation. As well, from Posttoday news on Apr 11, 2010 on page #2, red-shirt suddenly changes their requirement from dissolving the parliament within 15 days to today. Moreover, they want PM Abhisit to get out from Thailand which normally should be only an accused person like Thaksin who is in criminal case from court judge.

Secondly, many Thai people dislike the violent act because we love PEACE. The red-shirt force our government has to subdue them because they intend to block the economic areas of Thailand. Furthermore, in Kom-Shud-luk newspaper on the same day on page #1, a photo presented some red-shirt vilely treated a solider like the uncivilized – not like Thai people.
Thirdly, Apr 14 on Posttoday again, the red-shirt attacked a chauffeur in his yellow taxi and accused him to be a yellow-shirt just because he drove his yellow taxi. If all New Yorker Taxi -all in yellow – come here, RataJit can guess nothing will happen. As well, the red-shirt also hurt a lady who just drives through them to back home or to work.

All current clashes in Thailand should be endless if a guy who always sends his VDO link will stop his action……. at least to compensate to our country where he was born and used to be rich from here. He is the fuel to force Thai kill Thai ourselves!

Finally, RataJit hope to see all holy things and Budha bless Thailand to be free from all bad things again!
Red Shirt thanks Abhisit Vejjajiva when he visits the flood victimsAyuttahaya: Wat YaiChaiMongkol

PS: One day, after seeing the VDO link from Thaksin, RataJit wonders about the red-shirt’s feeling. Thaksin said that he had traveled with his daughter in Russia during the time many red-shirt persisted for him and did severely to Thai people!

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