Panic! at the Disco Contest on Deviantart

Thank everyone for your time for contest, for your time to vote, and for your time to have fun with us. This is quite a friendly contest, not the competition. The featured folder is locked temporarily to show the work of the most votes, so you can add your artwork to other folders. They will pop-up on all our messages’ as before.

Right now, we will say, ‘Congratulation! for all these drawings’

1st most voted:
New Perspective by :iconnancyrella:

2nd most voted:
Ryan Ross PATD n’ Ken Zi:Kill by :iconsw-eden:

3rd most voted:
PATD-Fanz comp by :icondaysii-dacnomania:

4th and 5th got the same score
They are:
Brendon’s New Perspective by :iconfallenstar94:
Of loneliness… by :iconzombiecup:
Awards for 1st-3rd
Our admin, :icontearyoursoulapart: will have the 1st most voted on his/her page.
** Optional: if you like to display your artwork on Sw-Eden.NET please reply this post. Say that, ‘put my work on website’.
Your artwrok will be in a gallery for the most voted.

CLOSE to POST on April 15, 2010

Original Detail/Rule
Now is a really good opportunity for you to exercise your heart and your hands, show your love to your super favorite band, Panic! at the Disco.

*Any P!ATD member(s) (both old-new)
*Can be more than 1 member
*Can add other fav artist, but have to have at least 1 PATD member. For example, Ryan Ross and Pete Wentz together.
*Can be drawing you have already had.
*Can be any kind of artwork… drawing/computer graphic/photoshop-repaint/photography you took by yourself
*Pick any song you like, and have the lyrics as the background.
*If you do by hand, and get lazy, you do not have to finish whole song. Just put a paragraph of it.
*Something the fans love so much, is to tell the reason you like the song or the member, so please do it freely. It is optional. ^___^

*Just post a reply on this blog, or if you need it so private, just send a group note or send note to our admins. I prefer you to sent group note.

Award of 2 weeks
*The 1st winner will be appear on Account of *tearyoursoulapart
*Optional, The top-3 winners will be appear on Sw-Eden.NET(if you do not say anything, Sw-Eden will do it.) Sw-Eden promises you 100 views count per a day.
*Your artwork will be add to the folder called, “Winner”, which will be our first folder on front page soon!


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6 responses to “Panic! at the Disco Contest on Deviantart

  1. ah D:
    this is soooo hard!

    1st H
    2nd B
    3rd C


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