Thai Monarchy support Democracy

The online attack from other democratic countries have abused Thai people since the end of Thaksin government. The dark online users got paid to make websites said that Thailand was Absolute Monarchy. The foreigners may love to have fun to blame other people, because to hate something will has much more stuff to say than to love something. They will keep searching about bad words, and create more pages to gain the interesting.

As the meaning of “Thai” as I mentioned before, it means “Freedom”. King Prajadhipok or King Rama 7 signed for The Constitution of the Siam Kingdom on December, 10th 1932. It was for Democracy. In that date, democracy tended to have much more freedom than communism. Nowaday, if there was no the Red Shirt Protester, Thai people would have a lot of freedom as in New York City. Everyone can invest money for the business, and every can be famous. The kids can become rock stars. Many teenagers do the hip-hop dance on the street. We all have freedom.

A peaceful artist corner of Silpakorn University Bangkok Campus.

Constitutional Monarchy is what we have. If it is not the most important case, Thai King will not come down to give a speech for the politicians. Thai King has never refused to sign for all Prime Ministers who got elected. If there was no corruption in some political parties, Thailand will have a perfect democracy at this point.

The day that Thai people will never forget is October, 14th 1973. Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej gave a speech which can stop the dictators to kill Thai students. The situation is perfectly different from the today Red Shirt protesters, but they tried to make it look the same. Thai government in 1973 did a lot of corruption, but Abhisit does not. The protestors in 1973 are college/university students, but the Red Shirt protesters do not have a high educated. Those 1973 students needed the new election without cheating, but the Red Shirt need a dictator.

If the King did not help us at that date, we will never have democracy today. Nowadays, he tries to help us again, but some of us still do not know that they do not protest to get democracy. Current students have never cared about the politics. The Yellow Shirt people who the Red Shirt hate are the survivors on October, 14th 1973. They still love their country and democracy. They still hate the corruption.

Thai student with diploma after complete the bachelor degree. With the statue of Mahidol Adulyadej (สมเด็จพระมหิตลาธิเบศร อดุลยเดชวิกรม พระบรมราชชนก), or the father of King Ananda Mahidol (Rama 8 ) and King Bhumibol Adulyadej (Rama 9)

Where is the current Thai student? Why don’t we see them protect our country?
** Most of them protect Thailand from the Red Shirt online. They are on Facebook. The problem is whatever they talk or write on Facebook are not public sources. 99% of them post their political idea in Thai language, so this does not help the foreigners to understand what happens in Thailand.
** Many students still do not care about the politics, and this is a big shame. They are interested in Korean pop stars. Many Thai people can dance better than them, but some Thai companies still paid million bahts to get Korean stars in their 10 seconds advertisement. This describe a part of fangirls who do not really care about the world.

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8 responses to “Thai Monarchy support Democracy

  1. The Thai Royal family earns 400 millions USD a year, this is over 1 million USD per day (all tax free) ! In their magnificent generosity they gave less then 2,000 USD to the families of those that were killed on the 10th of april 2010. This really adds insult to injury! Greed and selfishness… shame.


  2. guru

    The Thai Royal family donate 400 millions USD a year to develop Thai people’s life.


  3. republic of siam

    The fact is that HM the King of Thailand is the richest royal in the world with a reported fortune of US$ 35 billions. You have never asked yourself where this money is coming from ? Why is he so wealthy if he gives so much to his People ? Search and you shall find 🙂


  4. A Real Thai

    Our King’s family always helps many people who live in Thailand, not only Thai but also other nationalities. Moreover, all have many foundations to research for our people and country and also sharing to other countries. All projects and helps are so great and diversified to every province.
    The real help from our King is not always money but is how to help his people be able to work by themselves to treat their future lives and families forever.
    We Love Our King until nearly every house in Thailand has his portrait.


  5. ppp

    Thai monarchy and democracy.
    The revolution in the year 1932 resulting in the domination of Thai society change from absolute monarchy to a democracy under constitutional monarchy. The later is called. “Democracy is the king as head of state.”
    Not deny that democracy is the King as Head of State. As a result of mediation between society and progressive leaders called conservative. “They Royalists” that if you look at the positive
    Such a compromise is in the ingenuity of modern society is not the purpose of breaking the bloodshed in the land. To coordinate and link the value of the monarchy and democracy to develop together.
    According to the constitutional principles and culture is the practice of his subjects that the Thai monarchy in the state who are not offensive. And beyond the political side but on the other refuse that, too. Since the change of government in 1932 and the reign of seven has the power to waive the Royal Thai people already. But sovereignty is not vested in the people truly. Because since then. Sovereignty of those has become “Treasures alternate view” of the leaders in drug possessed Mat aristocracy and fund business has always been political.
    History of Thai democracy is filled with controversy authority. “Corruption and coup” of leading the group. And spread the fraud option spread in every molecule of society. Neck and corruption becomes a culture of public sector and private practice. Which are difficult to modify the decrease. Environment that fact. Monarchy is the main institution is the only institution that is maintaining a reliable and dependable public all the time
    In terms of the current king. He uses cultural capital of parents ever but original. He is the king developers. No matter how the government is going to come, however. It is clear to the king to his subjects that his leadership and his wisdom to put pleasure and suffering numerous problems of the people always.
    The fact that King adhesion problems and suffering of people with long-lasting. Resulting in text and sound “We love the king” to show common vision and heart of the Thai people and the world
    And reality is another way. When the political crisis and the bloodshed or lead to use state power to deviate from the path of democracy. King Hot exit from the crisis by himself. (Although not every conflict) even.
    But after the discourse. “The prestige outside the Constitution” and the discourse. “We will fight for King and his were pulled down about the most blunt political roast in history discourse has been created “out – not out monarchy” as a criterion in choosing a political side. Then the judge attacked the institution directly or indirectly. With text and images that are meaningful in terms of institutional verge published on the web site which is not difficult to find and now have the current law calls for reforms that bad institutions. Reason for this is that law opening up the use of monarchy as a political tool destroy the enemy rather than to protect the institution with sincere devotion.
    But the current demand, may be looking at several aspects which should not be quick to claim that the amendment of the law will act intended to overthrow institutions. Because the institution does not need to express love by praise and flattery always claim that it is the only reason the public offering will determine whether agreed or not.
    In order to be agreed or not that should have the following considerations.
    1. We need to clear that. “Our country must have a democratic government with king as head of state only.”
    2. Monarchy must be in the state who will not abuse the provisions of the Constitution. The intention is to show the Thai people and the monarchy must be above the political side.
    3. Thai society must have legal mechanisms and cultural existence to the monarchy. The mechanism must not block or violation of rights and liberties of the people in good faith under the rule of democracy.
    Thai society still must realize clearly that value oriented ideals that monarchy is the center of the Thai people’s minds that. In essence did not conflict with any of the democratic values and the fact that king he is the intellectual leader and a king is to allow developers, “democracy is the King as Head of State” has a distinctive identity of Thai society that should have been developed to advance to initiate peace and social justice much more.


  6. Patsapong

    Democracy is not to have mafia. If the king can prevent mafia, that is democracy.


  7. Dirgha Raj Prasai- Nepal

    Why Monarchy is Necessary for Nepal?
    The country is standing on the verge of dismemberment in the last five years. When the relationship between the king and the people have been detached one can easily imagine, Nepal can’t remain safe and unified if monarchy is actually abolished from the country. In a country with such geographical and ethnic diversities Nepal will fall into a severely dangerous situation because of the tug of war for power and money. This can be avoided if there is monarchy because monarchy is always impartial politically and of the political parties. All of us are against if there are anomalies within the royal institution, but those things could be sorted out through negotiation with the monarch. But, it is our unfortunate that the politicians have learnt no lesion from their past mistakes. To make no mistakes is not in the power of man, but from their errors and mistakes that wise and good learn wisdom for the future. Constitutionalism is the way of the nation. But the profounder of parties don’t like the follow the norms of the constitution and existing laws. There is establishing the anarchism by such destructive activities. The leaders of Nepal Congress, UML, Maoists and other don’t like to improve their mistakes.
    Nepal has been always showing goodwill towards India. Cordial people to people level relations between Nepal and India has existed since ancient times. We have to keep friendly relations with India due to our similar cultural and religious traditions. But, since 2005, the cordial situation is humiliating day by day between Nepal & India. The permanent institution- ‘Monarchy’ can put unites the cordial relation between Nepal & India. In between the two big neighbors-China & India, the monarchy had been playing a balanced role. Nepalese monarchial system has been supporting-‘One China policy’- Tibet as an integral part of China. But, in the absence of Monarch- RAW (India’s the Research and Analysis Wing) and CIA (Intelligence agency of America) approach their agendas to destroy the Nepalese identity, unity and the Chinese integration. Nepalese prominent Journalist Yubaraj Ghimire writes-‘in 2005, India was clearly anti-monarchy and recognized the Maoists as the true representative of the people, a force that could not be ignored in Nepal’s path towards peace, stability and progress. Five years down the line, it is clearly anti-Maoists and quiet on, if not indifferent towards the possibility of the monarchy returning to power in Nepal. The people are frustrated with the growing corruption, lawlessness, political instability and external interference that mark Nepal.’ The reality is that Nepalese monarchy is identified the most convincing identity of Nepal’s independence, cultural unity and safeguards the Indian culture and peace also. I think, majority Indian people also want peaceful Nepal with monarchy. So, Nepalese people need to reinstate the amiable Hindu monarchy.
    It is true that there are many countries which do not have monarchy still they could remain independent and prosperous. But in a diverse country like Nepal, monarchy is the only basis of national unity and Nepal cannot be compared with other countries. Indian conspirators are taking some deviant leaders of the political parties on their shoulders with the sole aim that it will be easy for them to control Nepal if monarchy can be displaced. Some communist parties take monarchy as the root cause of Nepal’s all woes. But, this is not correct. Nepalese king has ever acted or walked on the path which is against Nepal’s national interest.
    Nepal could remain an independent and sovereign country only because of monarchy. The monarchy was pivotal in integrating Nepal, establishing democratic and just society at par with the modern world. But why are the political parties so averse and negative towards monarchy? It is true that there are many countries which do not have monarchy still they could remain independent and prosperous. Nepalese king has ever acted or walked on the path which is against Nepal’s national interest. Gorkha was one country since ancient time. This country is the result of the unification of 54 small countries or fiefdoms under the leadership of the monarchy.
    Many countries where monarchy was displaced have now ceased to exist and several other have fallen into anarchy and civil war. Therefore, it will be totally inappropriate without knowing fully the ground realities. It was not for whether to keep monarchy or not. The constituent assembly is just a representative organization to formulate a new constitution and it does not have any right to displace monarchy. Can the future of the country be decided just because so called big political parties ganged up together? Those powerful nations, who in the past shed blood in Vietnam, North and South Korea, East and West Germany, Cambodia, Afghanistan and Yugoslavia, are now trying to drag Nepal into a civil war. So, if the political leaders, including the Maoists, tried to trample on this truth, one should know that the existence of Nepal as well as the culture and traditions of India also will be finished. For the sake of the countries identity, we can see the in the Commonwealth system of government (UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the British empire) we have a balance between the rule of the individual (the monarch) and the rule of the majority (the people). Now- the Queen Elizabeth II, a woman, is head of state of all the aforementioned countries- Canada, Australia, New Zealand.
    Nepal is the origin of Hindu & Buddhist. This is the land where their civilization began. As Nepal is the only Hindu country in the world with a Hindu king, Hindus all over the world have a great respect and faith for this country. Nepalese around the world and Nepal’s well-wishers are anxious about this conspiracy against monarchy by some deviant leaders. Former minister and elder son of the founder of Nepali Congress BP Koirala Prakash Koirala says–’After republic was declared, no one is secure. Due to the passiveness of nationalist elements, to much foreigner are playing to desintrigate the Nepalese unity in the current vacuum. The 12 points agreement was worked out of Delhi. All these destructive works were carried out from Delhi. The republic was declared by the force of Indian leaders. King did not take decisions under foreign pressure. Nepali Congress’s major ideology is constitutional monarchy and multi-party democracy. Constitutional monarchy and multi-party democracy is still a need in Nepal. But, the international force- such as India, America removed the monarchy. Girija Prasad (uncle) created chaos in the country. There is no law and order and the presence of the government is nil.’ (14th Jun.2010 Peoples Review)

    On the discussion about republic in Nepal, senior leader of B.J.P Lalkrishna Advani had said: ‘The framework for constitutional monarchy in Nepal should be consolidated because monarchy is the symbol of Nepal’s identity and sovereignty. Nepal should have an active and dynamic multi-party democracy’. But, we in Nepal are trying to dig up a well when there already is water in our rivers. Nepal will not become a heaven on earth just because monarchy is actually abolished and republican system ushered in. When Nepal has already received so much respect and identity for being a Hindu kingdom, why are Nepalese trying to finish off its identity? What is more treason than this? The conflict between the political parties and the king came up because of the mistakes and blunders of Nepali Congress and the CPN-UML and the authoritarian thinking of the Maoist. Why the Maoists are minimizing this truth forcefully? The Maoists should understand the glorious history of Nepal’s sovereignty with the monarch.

    Former minister Padmasundar Lawoti says-The Monarchy will itself emerge eventually. Rest assured. We need not to advocate for the revival of the monarchy because the people know it better as to who were responsible for the current political instability-a mess in effect- in the country. The Constituent Assembly has already become defunct and thus there is the urgent need for its dissolution. Those who have made a joke of the nation and pushed the country to this disorder must be taken to task as per the prevailing laws of the land.

    The monarchies of Nepal and Thailand have been central targets of these people because they were at the core of, and also uniquely identified with, the Hindu and Buddhist faiths, which pre-date Christianity, do not emanate from Judeo-Christian roots, and are followed by hundreds of millions of people. Nepal was the one and only Hindu Kingdom, with monarchy at its spiritual, cultural and traditional core. The monarchy of Nepal, in its various Hindu-Buddhist shades, is not 240 years old but actually more than one thousand years old! To hit Hinduism through its only Hindu Kingdom, these guys felt they had to get rid of monarchy. (Aashutosh Sribastav)
    Observing the political scenarios of Nepal, A Humanist-Switzerland writes- ‘It is wise to restore Constitutional monarchy in Nepal: A monarchy which works under a constitutional which delimits the rights and duties of monarch as well as the citizens and other people in govt. and the society. The constitutional monarchy should be modern and progressive. It is a question of jurisdiction and sovereignty of the nation: a monarch, a sovereign is to be the permanent centre of loyalties of the nation; he is to be a permanent expression of the nation to the world. Sovereign is the person who defends the jurisdiction and sovereignty of nation against the whole world, against the internal evils like civil war and external threats. For a lesson, read the history of Afghanistan: As long as King Zahir Shah was there, the country was at peace; the institution of the monarchy had kept the organized mullahism as well as communists under control. As soon as monarchy was dismissed by the communists, then by the mullahs, the country has been facing civil wars, mass-murders, genocides and destruction: first by the Russian Army, then by the Mujahedeen, then by the Al-Qaida and now by the NATO armies: only since the NATO armies began their military actions, THERE HAS BEEN 4.9 MILLION KLLINGS OF Afghani civilians!’ -News Blaze, USA Oct.21th 2010.

    Some people lacking information about Nepal’s geo-political stand point along with the cultural history as the king remained symbol of unity in diversity take as an obsolete and ancient institution, but not all countries with monarchy are deprived and destitute. In the context of Nepal, the political parties can always get along with monarchy. Even in simple terms, in republican countries with parliamentary system, a person biased towards a party becomes the president. Already presidential election is expensive there is added fear that the fighting between the communist and the parliamentary parties could break up the country. History is evidence that the parliamentary parties, mainly the Nepali Congress and the UML, who came to power after 1990 completely failed to steer the country and they handed over power to the King in 2001. Later when they failed to get position and power they climbed on the shoulder of the Maoists to launch an anarchic struggle by the hints of the notorious Indian intelligence-RAW.

    The King has no role in bringing this sorry state of this country. So, Nepalese people shall not remain quiet if these political parties try to destroy the identity of this country, their tradition and the basic foundation of this state. Therefore, this uncertain and precarious situation can only be averted if a balance can be maintained among nationality, monarchy and parliamentary democracy. Nepal’s independence, sovereignty and democracy can never be safeguarded by abolishing monarchy. If Nepal’s monarchy will be abolished for-ever, the power balance of this region will be disrupted. Nepal’s monarchy is the guarantor for peace and stability of this region. We Nepalese people no longer want the unconstitutional rule of the so called visionless larger party leaders including Maoists. The Nepalese only believe in parliamentary democracy and always follow the constitutional path. Now, the only way would be the acceptance and restoration of benevolent and people-oriented monarchy. There is, thus, no way other than to form a national government of all sides, reinstating the 1990 constitution including the king, through a broad conference and find a way out to solve the country’s problem.
    Thank you.

    Dirgha Raj Prasai
    Political Analyst-Nepal


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