A Red Shirt Bombed Wat Pra Kaew by RPG

By RataJIT:)
A Red Shirt Bombed Wat Pra Kaew by RPG but missed to Ministry of Defense.

Yesterday, I listened to the radio FM 92.25 about the situation since last month on Mar 29, a red shirt wanted to burst Wat Pra Kaew with RPG bomb without success. Such bomb missed to the Ministry of Defense instead. I really believe that because of the Holiness.
One month later, a retired police’s caused from his villainy. He admits that he wanted to destroy Wat Pra Kaew for 500,000 – Baht – hire. Although, money can buy many things, BUT for Real Thai people, we cannot destroy one of the holy places in our mind. I am one who usually pray for some expectations from Wat Pra Kaew and always got such hopes. Wat Pra Kaew is one of the most important symbols of Thailand so many hundred years. Many many foreigners come here every year not only to see the most beautiful temple of Thailand but also to ask for their hopes.
Actually, Red Shirts pressure all Thai and other nationalities who live in Thailand. We do hope that Law and the present Thai government will not delay for some actions to call our peace back!
On the road, Bangkok, Thailand


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3 responses to “A Red Shirt Bombed Wat Pra Kaew by RPG

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  2. PAIN

    พวกนี้แม่งเชี่ย สัตว์ หมา จริงๆ ครับ


    • Democrazy

      The red shirt protesters are perfectly communism. Bombing Central Plaza is to destroy business run by Thai people, and the same as K Bank.


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