Conservatory Garden, Central Park, NYC

Conservatory Garden is the most beautiful part of Central Park North. It set near the north-east corner of Central Park. The flowers and the plants will be changed in every season. This is the heaven of New Yorker. View More Conservatory Garden photos Click Here

Conservatory Garden is always full with colors in all 4 seasons. It is a wonderful place for all photographers, and and it is a wonderful place for Sw Eden, too! As the high attempt to improve the park around New York City since President Nixon, New York City became the crowded city with the crowded parks, which is so awesome. Sw Eden thinks most money for Central Park is used to invest to perfect Conservatory Garden. The gardenias come to put in the new seed every end all seasons to prepare for the upcoming season. If Sw met a friendly guy, he may give me some seed to grow at home. They do not blame me any when I took their photograph.

Boy and Girl Statue Conservatory Garden สวนสาธารณะในฝันของคนนิวยอร์ก อยู่มุมขวาบนของ Central Park ถ้าดูตามแผนที่ ดอกไม้และพันธุ์ไม่จะมีการปลูกใหม่ ตามฤดูการ แถมยังเป็นสถานที่แต่งงานของหลายต่อหลายคนอีกด้วย View More Conservatory Garden photos Click Here

Although New Yorker is not so special from the regular American, the government always keep trying to green the city. They do not like the towers/skyscrapers to have parking areas, because they do not need car in the city. They want to see people use MTA/subway and biking. It will be so hard to bike in here, because the bad people love to steal the bicycles so much.

If you visit New York City for your vacation, Conservatory Garden should be the first on your list. You can also visit Museum of the City of New York. It is right across the street from Conservatory Garden, between 103th and 104th street, face to 5th Avenue. Sw Edem was interested in its collection of ancient dolls and doll houses. When I was young I made that by my own with the paper. They are perfectly look like the real house. They are much better than what I see in my architecture model. I saw something funny is when the doll want to get to the bedroom from the lower level, it has to walk pass a bathroom first. That may be true that people have to go to bath before and after bed.

Autumn Flower at Conservatory Garden, Sw Eden have seen these types of flower there every fall. They are yellow, red, orange and pink, and a lot of cute bee.View More Conservatory Garden photos Click Here

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