Ken Zi:Kill Who am I? Album Reviews

Inside Ken Zi:Kill who am I?

Song List of Ken : Who Am I? Album
01. SPARK! ~想いは星の数をこえて~ (omoi wa hoshi no kazuo koete)
04. WHO AM I ?
05. 爆弾マン (bakudanman)
06. ハピネス (Hapiness)
08. ツレーツレー (Tsure Tsure)
09. そんなもん (Sonnamon)
10. 抱きしめて (Dakishimete)

01. SPARK! ~想いは星の数をこえて~ (omoi wa hoshi no kazuo koete)
Spark really shows Ken’s style of arrange the tracks in the album. He always put his most exciting songs to make an impression for his audience. This is really different from his Zi:Kill time, which they always began with their strange skill such ‘In the Hole’ and ‘Aege Mesubuta’ (あえげ!メス豚). That type of music can make the impression, too, maybe for a different group of audiences. All Slipknot albums can be a obvious example for strange skill or electro or weird overture. Below here are the first songs of Slipknot in their 4 major albums. You can listen to them on iLike with Google Search or on Youtube.
1. 742617000027 in Slipknot Debut Album
2. (515) in Iowa
3. Prelude 3.0 in Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)
4. .execute. in All Hope Is Gone

Back to Ken, he input the chorus sound, and that makes me think about how great American Suite Heart of Fall Out Boy is. My personal idea, this is a good song, but I am not familiar with his tone on here that much. Like, what he tried to do in the first song? Oh, the tone in the second song is pretty great, comparing with the first.

Only One is very soft and sweet sound. It is not like ‘My Only One’ of Plain White T’s, but Plain White T’s also has a lot of sweet songs, too. Surely, I like Ken’s better. If you look closely to some weird photos of Tom Higgenson, the vocalist of Plain White T’s, and some weird photos of Ken Zi:Kill with the same hair, oh damn! they look similar (laugh). Only One of Ken was played nicely with his lovely voice, and beautiful cord. The solo is slow, but with tension. It is quite attractive. He always gives a long repeating solo in almost songs of his solo work. This could be his perfect identity as well as you can hear from the outro of Zi:Kill – Slow Down.

Sw Eden usually tries to listen to this song in the morning to get myself awake, but it is not sucessful. Sw Eden always loves to sleep till 8 AM. This works in the United States, because the office and school hour begins at 9 AM, but for Thailand, it is 7.30 AM or 8 AM. Thai people just come early to make the traffic jams.

Not a lot of time that we can see him with serious face. He is always happy.

He is not just the best guitarist in the world, he is also a very beautiful guitarist.

The happy shot from Sw Eden – Tsure Tsure Easter Day fan video.
Watch Tsure Tsure Fan Vid NOW!


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