Do the Right Thing Movie Review

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Review by Sw Eden

Sw Eden enjoyed watching this movie at school theater. Architecture faculty chose this movie to play for their students because its good definition of neighborhood context and conflict. Architects need to concern much about the design which can get along with the tradition and history of racial neighborhood. It is not just a really good plotting of the story which is about neighborhood, this film also shows many different views through many spaces which can drive the audiences feelings into their ways. Moreover Spike Lee use the ‘Mookie’ as the symbol of conflict of whole story which is quite strong and amazing.

This movie describe the movement of people in a district in 100 degree F day. It is quite hot, and people had hot temper, too.

Bethesda Fountain and Double Bass
Most of musicians on the street are black. This shows how the black people love music so much especially hip-hop and jazz
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Sal was the pizzeria owner who ran his business in the area of black people for 25 years, and it was the only one left in that area. He did not adapt himself to be like black people, because he was so proud at his spanish family. Moreover he was so proud in his pizza. He believed that most people loved him and his pizza, and there were only a little number of them who hated him. Sal was a strong and solid character who was racialism, too. He did not like loud music of Radio Raheem. In this movie, the director did not put him in the bad side, Sal also tried to buy the photo of Malcolm and Martin Luther King Jr. from a mental disorder guy called, Smiley.

Another side, Buggin Out was also a strong character of racialism. Sal’s pizza is too expensive for him. In my opinion, it was quite expensive, too, $1.5 per slice. This is because there was only one pizzeria in that area. Buggin Out was very angry around other races. When Clifton, a white biker dirted his shoe, he and all the black friends around there crowded on Clifton until he had to get into his house.

Invisible Brooklyn Boys : Sometimes it is good not to see each other

The most important and the most conflicted character is Mookie. Mookie was not a nice boy as Sw Eden could see that he used the telephone of the pizzeria he worked as a delivery boy for personal call. He asked for the money before the end working hour, because he did not want to come back after his girlfriend’s order. Mookie was forced by Sal who always blamed him. His own conflict was he was a friend of Vito, a Sal’s son. Vito is a black-like Spanish, but most black people did not feel that way. At the end of the movie, Mookie was the first person who destroy the pizzeria. He did not think about his friendship with Vito, and he forgot all good parts of Sal. Sal had said that Mookie was just like one of his sons, too. Sw Eden has black friends, and most of the male do have the same memory. They can remember the bad things better than the good things, but those things are not violent. I mean if the professor blame their project, they would remember, but if the professor admire their project, they do not think about it so often. This is a good way to study, too, because they will remind themselves not to make a mistake again.

Black Dog does not have to be bad dog. The Good and Evil are not judged by colors, but by behaviors.
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“Do the Right Thing” the name of this movie should define the character of ‘Da Mayor’. As the black teenagers said in the movie, he had a good leadership. He was never angry, and he had belief. He helped a kid who ran after a ice-cream car before getting attacked from another car. He was the only male character who tried to stop Radio Raheem to kill Sal.

This movie also represent an Asian character by Sunny and his family, the owners of Korean’s store. Most people around the world always think that the East Asian people are softer than all races around the world. Sal can create Radio Raheem’s anger, and Sal killed Radio Raheem’s beloved Radio. On the other hand, Radio Raheem was never angry to Sunny, but he laughed at him instead. Sunny’s store might be destroyed if the police came late to catch all the black destroyers.

Ken in the Subway : The Asian is always scared by the black, but the black do not really hate the Asian. They do not have a hard feeling about Racism to the Asian.
View Zi:Kill Gallery on Flickr

Smiley seems to be an additional characters with light rule, but in fact, he was not. He held the images of Malcolm and Martin Luther King Jr. which represented the peace, but he did not love peace. He was one of the three who went to make a trouble with the pizzeria. This mean the people who speak for the peace but do not know how the peace act are mentally disordered.

Sw feels about the racial acts in this movie as the acts of animals. People would follow the one who created the violent without a consideration. This might be good to protect their own friends, but it is not good to hurt other people. To be human, people must not be barbarous. If one side is barbarous and another side is not, then the second one will be destroyed. This is the reason why people keep fighting everyday.

Mixing Blood and Zebra Blood are the seconds artwork which will never be repeated again. This can describe about the movement of multi-races New Yorkers which is called the Melting Pot.

Another thing Sw Eden liked is camera angles. It is just like a good composition photograph, but with the movable images. This might be another reason that NYIT Architecture Faculty chose this movie for their students. The camera angle is really direct to the function of the space, for example, the high-slope camera position on the stairway, the low camera position for Radio Raheem who was very taciturn, the straight angle to Vito and Sunny when they sang hip-hip music.

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