The Impossible Dream (ความฝันอันสูงสุด)

Over three days of marathon fighting between the red shirts protesters and the army force. May I make it clear here that I do not wish to see such violence. I know well that everyone loves their lives, same as me. But the situation has come to the point where another negotiation seems impossible. What I reckon is that the red shirts will only seek for negotiation once the situation turns violent and they will deny when the government give such negotiation.

I am not sure exactly of what the red shirts are aiming for from this continual demonstration. If they truly want “democracy” by way of house dissolution and new election, then the government offered them already. But, since they denied such exit for the country. There is no other solution left apart from forcing them to stop such protesting with armed men!!!

It is hence obvious to me that, the goal the red shirts have been fighting for is far beyond house dissolution and definitely not ‘democracy’. I myself don’t believe that democray would come from violence!

I herein would like to show my stand point that I love the King Bhumibol of Thailand with all my heart. And I would give all my attempts to protect the King.

It has been a long time to see celebrity giving their oppinions towards current political situation in Thailand. But today, Aof Pongpat Wachirabanjong has done a brave and honourable job for us all. At the first Nadharaj Award,  his speech after recieving an award was …

“I recieved this award from acting as a father. I therefore would like to mention about ‘father’. Father is a pillar of a house. My home is a big one, very big. There’re many of us living together. When I was born, this home was already very beautiful and warm. But, before it could become like this, the Father’s ancestors had sweated, bleeded, and lost their lives to build such nice home for us. Until today, this Father is still  tired to look after this home and take care for all our welfare and happiness.

And if there’s someone who is angry at another one and would blame it all to this Father, hate the Father and resent the Father or even think of chasing the Father away. I would go out and tell the person that if you hate your Father, if you don’t love your Father anymore please get out of this land because this is the Land of the Father.

I LOVE THE KING. And I believe that everyone loves the King as well. We all are in the same colour(in Thai, colour is pronounced Sri), our heads (in Thai, head is pronounce Sri-Sa ) are for the King of the Land.”

His speech was followed by a song, The Impossible Dream which is the 43rd musical composition by the King Bhimibol of Thailand. (song starts at 3.08)

I wish to see the peaceful Thailand again.

Simply Nobody in a cloudy day

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