Tabinshwehti should be tagged with ‘The Great’

As we know that Myanmar have only three kings tagged by The Great: Anawrahta, Bayinnaung and Alaungpaya U Aung Zeya. Both Anawrahta and Alaungpaya are the founders of Burmese Empire. Anawrahta was the founder of the first Burmese Empire, and Alaungpaya was the founder of the third Burmese Empire. Sw Eden could not know why they do not count Tabinshwehti as their ‘The Great’ king, while Tabinshwehti was the founder of the second Burmese Empire. Sw Eden does not mean that Bayinnaung should be pushed down, but it would be a good thing for Burma to have 4 kings tagged with The Great.

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เขียนโดย สว อิเฎล – สงวนลิขสิทธิ์บทความ
** ห้ามคัดลอกลงเว็ปไซด์อื่น อนุญาตให้ใช้ทำรายงานเพื่อการศึกษาเท่านั้น

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After Tabinshwehti’s father, Mingyinyo (เมงกินโย หรือ เมงจีโย หรือ เมงกะยินโย) passed away, 15-year-old Tabinshwehti owned a few military force if compared with the big city as Hanthawaddy (หงสาวดี หรือ หานตาวดี). He began to make wars with Hanthawaddy with whatever he had, and he failed for 3 times in 3 years. Sw Eden appreciates his attempt to take this Mon capital. (Mon have been a race in Myanmar territory until now. Mon is not Burmese, but Thai people understand that they are the same.) Tabinshwehti could take Hanthawaddy in his forth attempt, because of his intelligence. He wrote a letter pretend that Mon military chiefs were with his side, so the Mon king killed those chiefs.

After these wars, Tabinshwehti led his soldiers to take Martaban and Prome which mean he became the king of Southern Myanmar. He continuely took Ava, the ancient Burmese Kingdom. This brought him to the coronation of the king of Northern and Southern Myanmar. The achievement of Tabinshwehti reminds Sw Eden about the snake and the eagle on the crown of Egyptian Kings who ruled both Northern and Southern Egypt.

Article by © 2010 Sw Eden
เขียนโดย สว อิเฎล – สงวนลิขสิทธิ์บทความ
** ห้ามคัดลอกลงเว็ปไซด์อื่น อนุญาตให้ใช้ทำรายงานเพื่อการศึกษาเท่านั้น


Sw Eden understand that Burmese compare Tabinshwehti with Bayinnaung who could spread Burmese colonies until Laos and Cambodia, so they do not put ‘The Great’ for Tabinshwehti. In fact, both kings had different purposes which are Tabinshwehti wanted to hold all towns of Mon and Burma together, and Bayinnaung wanted to take all the landed around Burma.

If Tabinshwehti attacked any land, he would get it with no doutb. Tabinshwehti was not defeated by Ayutthaya, but this gentleman ended the war for the queen Sri Suriyothai. Although Tabinshwehti did not have any policy to have any colonies outside, he had to make a wars with Ayutthaya because Ayutthaya attacked Tavoy (ทวาย), a colonies of Tabinshwehti. He stopped the wars with Arakan (ยะไข่) then, and turned to fight to get Tavoy (ทวาย) back. He asked Ayutthaya for a white elephant to assure that Siam would not come to attack Burma again. Maha Chakkraphat, the king of Ayutthaya did not reply anything, so Tabinshwehti came to Ayutthaya to give them a lesson. Sri Suriyothai died in the first attack of the wars, and Ayutthaya could not resist Tabinshwehti’s soldiers. Thai people had to went back to save the capital. When Tabinshwehti found that Siam queen died, he decided to stop the war, because he respects the woman as the gender of mother.

Article by © 2010 Sw Eden
เขียนโดย สว อิเฎล – สงวนลิขสิทธิ์บทความ
** ห้ามคัดลอกลงเว็ปไซด์อื่น อนุญาตให้ใช้ทำรายงานเพื่อการศึกษาเท่านั้น

ช้างเผือกเป็นสิ่งที่ตะเบงชะเวตี้ 😀

Tabinshwehti did not care to have Siam as his colonies, but he cared about the unity of all Mon and Burma towns. He married with a Mon princess who was not famous or powerful, because he wanted to be an example for his Mon and Burmese people to marry each other. Tabinshwehti gave all those famous and powerful princesses to Bayinnaung, his brother in law, because Bayinnaung liked them a lot.

Burmese people may look at Tabinshwehti in different ways, so they did not call Tabinshwehti the Great. Sw Eden thinks that it is better to hold the unity of the people who have the same culture and similar language; not to take the colonies with the different cultures and languages. Today, Myanmar territory is what Tabinshwehti had had without Thailand, Laos and Cambodia where Burma could hold just in Bayinnaung age. Tabinshwehti tried so hard to make a successful beginning as he knew that a good beginning would bring all good things later on. Bayinnaung came after Tabinshwehti, and continued his work in similar and different way. What Tabinshwehti did show that he did not want to be the king of a vast territory or a well-known for all south-east asia, but he wanted to make peace to stop the wars for Mon and Burma eternally.

Article by © 2010 Sw Eden
เขียนโดย สว อิเฎล – สงวนลิขสิทธิ์บทความ
** ห้ามคัดลอกลงเว็ปไซด์อื่น อนุญาตให้ใช้ทำรายงานเพื่อการศึกษาเท่านั้น


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  1. Nyein Chan

    You are right.King Tabinshwehti should be
    tagged by “The Great”.


  2. hmm….. tabinshwehti is my fav king…


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