Nostalgia, a yearning for the past usually in its most idealistic form…

When you start to become unaware of your age, the calendar year, and how things around you are gradually changing, and trying so bad digging through stuff fromt the past, I think that’s how you become ageing. And that’s what’s happening to me. I started to look back to those ‘good old days’, when I felt the freshness of the adolescence just past through. Many things have come across my mind…I recalled the morning TV programs i loved to watch before going to school, the rush to school, the morning ceremony in the bright sunlight, the longing for becoming adult, the day-dreaming of those pop-stars, the fight with my sis (not so much yearning for, as it holds through to these days :D), the cat-fight with my priliminary school mates …

It’s good though at least that somehow everytime I look back to the past, I always see the bright side of it. As the term implies: “good old days”. I don’t really hear anyone saying ‘bad old days’ before. So, perhaps people mostly tend to recall only the slices of the goodness from the past.

No matter how much I would like to turn back time, how much I’d like to be in that good old days again, nothing from back then will change. And all I can, and we can is to do just our best for today which will make up the actual ‘good old days’ that you’ll be most satified with. And you will only be thanking to those days you’ve been through rather than imagining to get back to change things which will never come true.

Happy Valentine’s day to everyone 🙂 especially to my mum as it’s her birthday on this Valentine’s day 🙂

Lots of Love,


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