Mother Nature

Before going to today’s topic, I would like to convey my deepest sympathy for Japan and the Japanese people. With my greatest belief in such great country like Japan I am more than certain that they will soon overcome the hardship. RIP to those who their lives swept away by the wave of terror, tsunami.

On one early morning of the boxing day, 26th December 2004 I was sitting in my dorm room at MWITS and listening to the radio. There was a report about earthquake in Phuket, at that moment I wasn’t thinking that it would become a deadly serious one of which it turned out to be. Since then Tsunami is no more an unfamiliar phrase for any Thai. At school in our Earth Science class, we learnt about Tsunami and I remember presenting on this topic+strategy for best prevention ie the tsunami warning system (with the help designing and ppt slides decoration from SW_Eden at the time). Years on, I kept hearing more and more news about natural disasters from every where in the world. And this time sadly it was from Japan.

I am sure this will not be the last, more and more natural disasters will come and possibly more serious and at an alarming rate too. Or the end of the world is coming? 2006, 2012, 20xx all heard that it could become the last episode of the planet Earth. Though, taking into account the better information system giving rise to the greater no’s of events reported and the higher world’s population (the natural selection is taking its toll), the rate at which natural disasters occur is still threatening.

No one to blame though, apart from us all. These epic events are signs of what might happen in the next few decades. Probably we should just sit back from the hype and really think how to live more peacefully and homogeneously with our mother nature. Sustainability might be an answer here, only that we need to be sincere and take it seriously enough.

On the face of it, it’s quite ironic to see the sad news from Japan being attacked by nature while in africa, or in my hometown, the southernmost of Thailand, people are still fighting amongst themselves over their absolute idiology or their beliefs, or the broken history of time. If we go on like this, the catastrophic future is not too long await…


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