The squatting neighbour

Having stayed in England for more than 5 years, I’ve for the first time just realised how easy  it is to squat here. Oh well, as it stands, squatting is not a crime here and even worse the legal owner needs to take the squatters to court in order to get back their rightful house.

Sadly but true, last week we noticed our neighbours are willingful squatters. Apparently there is an association serving for “squatting made easy” sort of things. If interested please log on and see for yourself @

From what my housemates have observed, our squatting neighbours are at our age, look normal, sometimes wear very smart suit and dresses. They have laptop, TV’s, very loud speakers, lots of books, and etc. They put this note on their window

I have been thinking through but still not convinced with such reckless regulation. Perhaps this is “justice and equality” of the so called ‘developed world’.

One thing noted in the squatting handbook though that they should try to be nice to other neighbours so we would choose them over the landlord when it comes to court. Anyhow, last night I told them to turn down their music and they practically did without complaints.

Oh well, when in Rome do what the Romans do. Maybe I should start squatting from now on 😛

And be careful not to leave your home empty for too long…

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