Hello Sour Sally Flash Website Review

According to “Generation Flash” essay, Lev Manovich wrote, “Rationality of modernism combines with rationality of programming to give us new aesthetics of lightness curiosity and intelligence.”


essay by S.W. Eden

Traditional drawing of a cute girl floating around the scene with her balloon could give a big smile to the audiences. HelloSourSally.com is a modern-look website of fat-free-yogurt store. The theme of this website is black-ink drawing on the white background, and soft-cute colors for the highlight things. As audiences can move this cute girl around the movable wide background, they would feel of freedom to control something on the website. Whenever they stop moving their mouse and click on the ‘Menu’ button at the right hand side, the background will stop right there. This means the audience could be a part of background design.

After the audience clicks on the Menu button, they will see sub-menus which will show the photos and description of each products. With all bright and white colors and dropping snow could make the yogurt, smoothie and all atmosphere look colder. This design choice can engage the customer from the hot-climate country as Indonesia very well. (The store is located in Indonesia.)

Another good design choice is all traditional drawing as I have mentioned before. A good thing of bring the traditional drawing into the scene is to make the website more artistic and more harmony to the human nature. This is exactly like the concept of Sour Sally products which are all about hand-made. All plates and all cups are decorated with many kinds of fruits. These fruits will never make the plain white yogurt looks boring, as well as the Flash movement and cute drawing will never make ink drawing looks boring.

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