Solar Farm must be better than Nuclear Power Plants

I would like to listen to “Heal the World” of Michael Jackson before begin this post.

All by © S.W. Eden (สว อิเฎล)

As we see an world important disaster in Japan 2011, who else would think about establishing a new Nuclear Plant? Maybe, the United States and French.

In fact, the United States does not really need any nuclear plant, because it got a large desert where no one lives in. They should spend their bucks to do Solar Farm in that area. If whole desert of the United States got covers with solar panels, the output electricity is enough to run whole country.

As well as in China. China also has a huge desert, and they should cover it with solar panels. Last month, I watch a discovery channel. It said that the desert in China getting bigger and bigger every year. That is a bad sign.

The solar farm can work in Australia, too. I am living in Sydney and I notice the difference between Sydney and New York where I had lived for 5 years. People here use electricity to heat the building during the winter, and also use electricity for cooking. That is really really not sufficient. This waste 90% of the energy in the system.

The world biggest desert is Sahara. With that large territory, if all got covered by solar panels, its electricity can run whole world.

My country is Thailand, and I would love to talk about it. Our politicians did not desire to make Nuclear Plant yet, but some of them really need to make it. I know that if it happens in Thailand, the disaster is the answer. This is because Thai politicians are full of corruptions, and the quality of Nuclear Plant will never meet the standard. Currently, Thailand gets the electricity from dams, coal and our nice neighbors as Myanmar and Laos. Thailand also has a small desert at the North-East, and that could be solar farm.

As I am Thai, i know the real problem of energy wasting. There is not safety at night especially for the woman; so almost women need to use the car instead of public transportation. If Thai government hires more good police, we can save a lot of energy.

This post is written by S.W. Eden or Sweet Willie (Eden). You could call me in Thai, สว อิเฎล.

Go to bed early and wake up early, you can help the world save the energy!


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