Message of The president of The National Municipal League of Thailand

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Wijai Amaralikit, The president of The National Municipal League of Thailand explain his vision throght a newspaper, “Siamrath”.

Strong Point/Weak Point of Association

“NMT has a weak point which is the way to communicate which I believe that we have been improved it all the time. In fact, we have the website system, which is good enough to be the main way to communicate, but in the faraway districts, people do not have a good skill about technology, so we still need to contact them with telephone, fax or letter. I would solve this problem by having a group of staff to run the mailing system directly.”

“For the strong point of NMT, all our commissions are experienced. They have already known the way to every problem, so it is not hard to improve the skill of our staff. This included the inland managers and inland staff. Currently we have these inland spokesmen sitting in the national conference, so they can bring the information to discuss and solve their local problems easily. In the near future, NMT will have the Learning Center for inland staff.”

What is your working process?

“We will have a teamwork which we will coordinate to all local government organizations in the countries contiguously and continuously. We already have the municipalities leaders of each zone and each province, so we will work together by visiting the place to know the grass-root problem. After we gather all related information, we will have the seminars and we will find to way to solve the problem.”

“We must not care how far of the distance that we have to travel. we will join every seminar so we will receive the real information. If all of us can work this way, I believe that the coordination of NMT and the members will be more solid.”

How do you promote the transferring mission, budget and human resources in the future?

“I believe that all the municipalities have different availability. For example, the municipality of a big district would have 100% availability, and the municipality of a developing district would have some availability. I do not want to say that all developing districts are not ready, because they can be ready just if they have enough time to prepare themselves. In the near future, I believe that all district would be ready foe the transferring mission.”

“For the issue that some government organization does not available for transferring mission, I think that is just the system of each organization which they might be afraid to lose their authority. No one can give an exact answer at this point. But if someone says that we are not ready, I am perfectly disagree, because the local municipalities must clearly have availability. In fact, the government system must be developed to be international standard, because their governments would assign the big project to their municipalities. To understand the grass root problem, the right people who would work should be the local people who know exactly what the problem is. This means, if Thai government want to change Thailand from a developing country to be a developed country, they must decentralize to the local municipalities; and the government themselves should work on the overall problem.”

How do you coordinate with other organizations?

“If we can coordinate to each other, I am sure that the government will see our power and our capacity. We should have some conferences and find our mutual goal, then we can sign on the paper and show what we need to the government. I do not expect a big conference. It is not what I have seen in Chiang Mai which caused 3-5 days traffic jam. I just want to see a medium-size conference for each zone.”

How do you solve the aged problems which everyone always avoid to do?

“This depends on how hard or how easy of the problems. Different organizations should talk to each other to know the capacity of each, and that is the first step to divide the work. For some problems, we need to hire the lawyers or some professional people to help what we cannot do. We need to update everything included our knowledge.”

How about the relationship between the local organizations and the government?

“This is all about how much we talk to each other. I have learned that we did not talk a lot. Anyway, I believe that if we could talk more often, we will be able to work together and solve our problems, because the problems are what every organization has. The main issue should be the government must realize how important of the local/inland organization.”

Why do the knowledge transferring have the problem because of the teachers?

“I do not understand why the teachers always worry about something that is not the issue. The government agencies have never cross the line into the management system of the schools. Our job is just to listen to the schools to know what we can help. We will manage our budget to buy or to provide what the schools need.”

“For those people who believe that they must step behind the politicians, they should learn that currently there are a lot of graduated inland staff, and all these people have a new idea. This mean you should not judge the inland staff as the subordinates of the politicians.”

“If you believe that 4-graded person cannot the principal, you are wrong, because you should have known that the principal is not the one who teach the students, but he/she is the one who manages the school. In other countries, the schools are owned by inland people. For the professional advancement, it is all about the capacity of each teacher.”

What kind of help do you want from the government?

“Basically, we want the government to know how important of inland organizations. If the government know how to assign the work to them, the government will not have to confront with many problems which the government are good at. If the government can do what I have said, they will have more time to solve the major problems of the country.”

All these are the vision of the new president of NMT. He is very excellent, and he knows around. This is really useful to develop overall locality. After then, we must look forward to see this new president who would lead all municipalities and coordinate with the government to solve the inland problems which no one ever solved.


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