A Voice for the Myanmarese : We don’t need Aung San Suu Kyi’s words

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A Voice for the Myanmese : They don’t need Aung San Suu Kyi’s words, and They don’t need the Democratic Government

This is the voice to talk to the foreigners and the Myanmeses who live outside Myanmar.

I would like to let you know, my English is not perfect, as well as the topic I would like to talk about. We cannot find a perfect in Myanmar, but this imperfect is more beautiful than the western civilization of capitalism.

I had been just like you who believe the mass media. You believe that Myanmeses are poor, and Myanmeses need the freedom, and need to democracy.

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In fact, Myanmeses are not poor, because they have a low living expense. That means all goods are cheap. I can buy stuff in Myanmar at 30 times cheaper than the exact same stuff in the United States. So, the regular Myanmeses have everything they wants.

If you care about the world, you will not love the overate consumers which are created by the capitalism. The overate consumers is not going to happen in Myanmar, if Myanmar still have the Military government.

The Myanmeses know the reason why other countries want Myanmar to have Democratic government. If Myanmar had Democratic Government, Myanmar would be a most delicious piece of cake that the overate consumers would eat with non-stopping. I don’t want to see them treat an oriental country that way. Myanmar’s natural resources are not for the capitalists.

We heard Aung Saun Suu Kyi’s words that is Capitalism can enrich Myanmese people. But, you can consider about the truth.

Capitalism can enrich them with higher salary, while they have to buy things at the higher costs. Capitalism cannot enrich the natural resources. Capitalism cannot enrich the orient peace. Capitalism cannot enrich the beautiful tradition. Capitalism cannot enrich the moral mind. But capitalism can take all of these nice things away. And capitalism can enlarge the hiatus between the capitalist and the regular folks.

คลิกที่นี่ (Read More about Myanmar)

Sometimes you believe that Military government of Myanmar does not do as the world should do. This is because they really do everything for Myanmese and its unity. They are not god, They are not angel, but at least they can protect Myanmar from the evil which is Capitalism. They can also protect Myanmar from the split to be eight countries.

Why not the Capitalism in Myanmar?
Myanmar does, but not much. The government would consider by themselves to spend the natural resources properly. Myanmeses think about future more than the Americans can think.

If we talk about the natural resources in Myanmar, they have gold, silver, jewel, ruby, jade, wood, oil, granite, marble, coal, electricity and the most important thing is the abundant earth which can produce unlimited foods.

Finally, please be aware. Don’t let the mass medias rule your thoughtful mind, because they use you as the tool to fill the capitalists’ pocket.

We all have to receive that there are no such the countries which are the same. The different cultures need the different governments.

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