Facebook formed Multi-Colored-Shirt Protestors in Thailand

Facebook formed Multi-Colored-Shirts in Thailand

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This topic is a part of color-coded crisis in Thailand. Currently, there are yellow, red, blue, pink and multi-colored. Our today topic is about multi-colored shirt. Firstly, I would like to introduce some evidents before Facebook formed pink shirt protestors in Thailand.

Thaksin Shinawat was the Prime Minister of Thailand from 2001 till 2006. His team and he made a lot of corruption, incluede the election and the laws to support their own business. Then, the yellow-shirt, the first protestor group was founded. This is the beginning of color-coded crisis in Thailand.

Most yellow-shirt are 35-60 years-old high educated people, who really know what was going on inside Thaksin Shinawat’s government; so Thaksin Shinawat hired poor and uneducated people to support him to show the foreign journalists that he was not alone. This group is called, red-shirt.

During 2006-2008, the yellow shirt and the military could clean up whole congress. The Democrat Party which got the 2nd vote in the latest election became the government, and all educated and middle class people appreciate them.

In 2009, everything seemed to be fine, but the red-shirt was still there. They still got the supporting money to take the Democrat Party out. They caused many problems in Bangkok, the capital of Thailand. For example, they burned one of the biggest shopping mall, they closed many important road, and whole economy got stuck, they made Bangkok city very dirty, until there was no one wanted to go into the city.

Thaksin Shinawat’s stratagem is to show the foreign journalists that The Democrat Party government has no potential and no capability. All he did have taken all peace away from Thailand. Even Thai teenagers who did not really into the politic, they could not bear this situation. These teenagers discussed and make an appointment on Facebook pages. The first meeting was on 2009. They called themselves, “Pink Shirt”, because most people were from Chulalongkorn University, whose color is pink.

Their goals are to bring peace back to Thailand, to protect the King and to prevent the red-shirt to turn down the Democrat government. After that, more people who had the same goal wanted to join the group, so they agreed to change the pink to be the Multi-colored. This means the group does not need to be from only one university.

The first meeting of Multi-colored group got less than 1,000 people. After that they spreaded their words on Facebook pages and the number of people were increased 3,000 – 4,000 people a day. The number of people reach to 60,000 on April 23th, 2010.

“1 Million Thai People do not need to Dissolve the Parliament” is a Facebook page in Multi-colored group. They got 10,000 likes within 1 month. Currently, 565,721 people are the member of the page.

All these mean Facebook groups and pages could form the network very fast.

Fall 2010, the Multi-colored achieve their goals. There was no more violent acts of the red-shirt in Bangkok City, and the Democrat government could stay until May 2011.

All these information can also classify people in Thailand. For those who have Facebook, multi-colored shirt, are students and educated people; and the red-shirt are worker, poor and low-educated people. The poor people, worker and farmer do not have opportunity to have a computer, so they are not on Facebook. Since they are not on Facebook, they do not know what’s going on, then Taksin Shinnawat could buy them to be the Red-Shirt.

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