Tom had never made Myspace SUCK. I was happier to be on Myspace better than Facebook.

Tom had never made Myspace SUCK. I was happier to be on Myspace better than Facebook.

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As we can see too many people say that, Myspace Suck, I am pretty sure that they are not mean to Tom Anderson, who was the creator of Tom Anderson has a Facebook page and I read through many wall posts by fans, most people cheer him to buy Myspace back, because they do love Myspace when Tom owned it.

Tom is the mutual good memory which all ex-Myspace users would have. He was the first friend of everyone who registered on Myspace. Currently (2011), we do not have any impression such that. If you register for a Myspace account now, your first friend will be, “Myspace Today”. Comparing between “Tom” and “Myspace Today”, Tom is much more tender by his human-look. We were happy that we could see our first friend as a human. Human can be our friend, but we do not feel friendly with the machine.

I am one of many users who really loved Myspace and really had Myspace as the first social network account. I made many good friends, and especially my Top 8, I will never forget them for my whole life. I can remember, I began my Myspace with some crappy artwork to fill my 16 profile pictures. After then, I got better and better, because the inspiration from the other artists who was my friends, and also many cheerful words on my comment section.

From Tom to five thousands friends, this is not only a growing of number, but it is how I have grown up. My Myspace pictures became the art gallery which included my own artwork, and the artwork which my friends made for me. My graphic and computer drawing skill got better and better. I feel I cannot stop right now, even I am not active on Myspace anymore.

As an artist, I love the way Tom-Myspace loved artwork. My first top friend, Lena the Bear and I loved to create vector artwork and funny Photoshop. We had many friends who made funny Photoshop pictures. We put the head of the friends in our group into the picture of someone else. Once, Myspace cared much about copyrights, so Myspace deleted the profiles of many friends, but Myspace did not delete my profile and Lena’s profile. I understood that the only reason that they kept our profile was we are artists. After many friends’ profile got deleted, we were automatically knew that we needed to remove all funny Photoshop picture out. This is really important reason that I really really loved Myspace. I loved the way Tom-Myspace treat the artists.

Moreover, I had had another profile for my art collection on Myspace, called, “216 Ways to Kill Cats”. I put many cute drawing of killing cats, and this profile could stand in Tom-Myspace, but after the era of Tom-Myspace, this profile got deleted. I do not want to explain how I do feel. I can feel it until now. I feel nothing different when I am on Facebook. Tom-Myspace just really suited to artists. I cannot find anything like that on all other social network websites. I love the way I could type in all CSS by myself. I had had a big header with many functions on it. Today, there is nothing like that, and I am really proud that I still keep Myspace profile 1.0 as my layout.

With my experience surfing internet, many famous websites got bad staffs who never answer customers’ question. When I was on Myspace, I reported things by replying Tom’s message. Myspace staff sent me a thank you message, and just a couple day later, they got a “Spam” button for us. Not just only things I reported to them, when I need my unique URL and I found that someone already took it, I asked them to help and they helped. I found the URL I needed got taken by an inactive user with no-friend. They got that URL for me, and I really appreciated that. I feel Tom-Myspace really cared about their customers.

After late 2009, Myspace has never been the same anymore. This was the time that most people moved themselves out. Not all of them that moved to Facebook, but many people did not have any other account at all. They just left their online life. Nov, 2009, Myspace bought Imeem which before then many Myspace users embed the playlist from Imeem displaying on Myspace profile. I was annoyed that all my photos on Imeem were gone. I had uploaded rare songs which the artists were not active anymore, and all were gone. I had 5 playlists, and all were gone. I did not see those playlists on Myspace Music as their promise. I really used the same e-mail address. Maybe, my music was to rare for them.

I had never known that Tom left Myspace until I found his page on Facebook. I just knew that all bad things I got were not from Tom. My good feeling about Tom-Myspace came back right then. Everything became a good memory. I cannot explain how I feel to Tom in the way I really feel. He might be like my 2nd parent. He might be my teacher. He might be my idol. He might be anything. Right now, I am active on Facebook. I could swear that Facebook cannot impress me as much as Myspace had done.


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3 responses to “Tom had never made Myspace SUCK. I was happier to be on Myspace better than Facebook.

  1. hello SW,

    thank you for writing about what you loved about the original myspace. I never used it and I have been researching the original version and what people loved about it.

    My team and I are currently building a new social network. I would like to talk with you about how we can make it fun and creative, an art gallery suited for artists.

    Please email me if you want to give your opinion.


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