How to add many people on Facebook without getting blocked

As we know that Facebook does not like us to add the stranger or make a new friend, we can still do it very simple, just follow these tricks.

This post’s written by S.W.Eden (สว อิเฎล), please so not re-post anywhere. Thank you.

1. Pick your school or University
Me, S.W.Eden is in Thailand, so I know that the group of Thai students who are always on Facebook. I would pick the famous university where the rich students like to attend. After that, Facebook will provide me plenty of suggestions, who are the students in the university I pick.

2. Create a friend list for people you send the request to
Facebook will block you from sending the request if you have too many pending people. Me, S.W.Eden cannot see the pending friend request page on Facebook account, so I would like to create my own friend list. Follow this steps
-Go to this link
-Click “+Create a List” and name it whatever
-Everytime you add new people, add them to this list
-Always clean up this list, by cancel the request of people who do not accept you after 1 week.

3. Formal and normal profile picture
Some people do not like to accept the strangers as friends. If S.W.Eden uses a crazy avatar, they will be sure that S.W.Eden is the stranger. If I use a formal and normal picture, they will think that they have met me somewhere before.

4. Join some group or page under the name “Add Me”
Be careful to get spam from this kind of thing. If you do not want to waste your time on Facebook, try to avoid Emo kids, because they will ask you to chat everyday, and if you refuse, they will delete you.

5. Say “Add Me” on the page that people have mutaul favorite.
If you are a fan of Lady Gaga, S.W.Eden is sure that other fans of her will want to talk with you. You post on the wall of her fan page, “If you like Lady Gaga, Add me”.

From these 5 tricks, you can get upto 100 new friends per a week. And if you like to friend me, I am here, I accept everyone.


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