Facebook Encourages or RUINs teenagers’ life?

Today, early of August 2011, I found both situations which are Facebook encouraged people, and Facebook ruin a teenager’s life.

This post’s written by S.W.Eden (สว อิเฎล), please so not re-post anywhere. Thank you.

I would like to begin with a nice thing. I found a group for Thai people to talk to each other called “คุยกันคนไทย” or “SiamTalk@groups.facebook.com“. One of my friend posted a his charity project about traveling to three poor schools. When I knew it from my notification, I asked her if I could donate my books to them. When other people saw us, they admire us, and this means we have encouraged them to be nice Thai people.

**If you want to donate your money for our charity project, Children Book, please click “Donate” at the top of the page.

I know that you, the reader want to read something about how Facebook ruined the teenagers’ life. Facebook is an intelligent website which can push people to keep checking it all the time. This is not such a bad things if we know how to control ourselves.

Let’s see the first case which is a normal case. My American friend always text in classroom, and text during talking with professor. I am sure that no one love to have a real time conversation with this kind of man. He is too impolite.

The second example is how we can simply hate our realtime friends. On Facebook, we indicate the comment at the end of the conversation as it is from the most stupid user, who got no reply and got no one to talk with. If your friend do this to you without click “like” or say “:)”, then you will hate that friend.

The third reason is for the super Facebook addicts. Some teenagers who live alone choose Facebook as the way they live. They are serious and worry about little error occurs. If they have a relationship problem with a Facebook friend, they would find some other friend to complaint it, or they might deactivate their account. Some of them also try to dig out the personal life of the others. Some of them need just “Like” from others, if not, they will cry or hurt themselves like Emo cutting.

The forth reason is for people who dream to be famous just by using Facebook. This is possible on Youtube, but I have never seen any example in Facebook. A group I had attend had a contest that if someone win the contest, he will get a Page with 5,000 fans. Many people wants to get that page, just because they think, that if they own that page, they will be famous. I confirm that this is not the way to be famous. To be famous, you need to do something and after people know it, then people will “Like” or be fans of your page. You cannot just be a cute-face guy or girl and try to invite people to like your page without doing anything.

The fifth reason is the health problem. Some teenagers died by playing game or 3-days-contunued chatting. Even you are a strong teenager, you should have known that humans need food and need some exercise. You can online for whole day, but you must not sit with it for whole day. For example, eat something for half hour, check Facebook 5 minutes, walk outside for 1 hours, then check Facebook 5 minutes, and do some homework, etc. just this you can be healthy in whole-day online.


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