Even Google teaches me a lot, I still need to have my own experience.

“Google teach us a lot of things, and yes, it is such a great professor as well as its Youtube. However, to be successful in your life, you still need to have the actual experience in real place.”

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Google does not only make us clickaholic, it also makes us lazy to think and lazy to learn what the old generation created for us. Since I was born in Thailand, when I was young, I learned how to write English sentences and how to translate it to my language. In the mathematic class, all children also learned to calculate. The books written by the old generation teach me the English grammar, as well as the mathematics and science books which teach all children the calculation.

Whenever I want to read an English article, I should be able to translate it to my language. Google does not teach the children as the teacher does. Google provides us the link called, “Translate this page” near the title of its search results. This makes the young people cannot see how important of the language class, and if they do not concentrate to their class, they do not know how inaccurate Google Translate does.

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