“Google is effecting our mental circuitry and the way we form and order our thoughts.”

In the world we live in today, Google has become a part of our life. We use “Google” as a verb, even someone says, “for Google’s sake” instead of “for God’s sake”. Undoubtedly, we live and feel differently comparing with the day before Google has been famous.

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Look back to those days before Google has been famous, all students and all researchers headed to the library and looked for the books related to their papers or researches. Most books are reliable sources written by professional people of each field and reviewed by editors of the publisher companies. Sometimes, they needed to make appointments to discuss or have some interviews with gurus who had experiences. Let’s imagine how much time these people needed to spend to finish their papers, or how long an author took to finish a non-fiction book. This is the way people learned about new things before mid ’90s.

Many people believe that we live better and easier today. We have high speed internet connection, and wireless network is also around every area of big cities. Most students and middle-or-upper-class people have their own laptops and smartphones, and they can go online everywhere. Most of them use one of three most famous web browsers, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer; and each of these got the search engine box near its menu bar, and this is very easy for people to look up new knowledge. They just input words or phrases they want to know, and even they type half of the phase, the search suggestion will be listed for them.

Just this one click, people do not need to walk down to the library anymore. Just this one click, people do not need to make an appointment to talk with the gurus. Just this one click, people do not need to have a face-by-face conversation with their friends.

As the result of this change, the ready information available on Google (or other famous search engine) is affecting our mental circuitry and the way we form and order our thoughts . This change does not affect just only the users, but it also affects the authors and artists who need audiences to view their work. Moreover, other Google products also do the same thing with their users, for example the architecture students who use Google SketchUP for their designs.

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Google is a very useful online tool. Without Google, we will never be able to follow the world of social media. While Google comforts us, many people still misuse it. If we know that the risk could happen, we should have created a shield to protect ourselves. Once we learn how to use it properly, it will benefit our life and experience better than even before.

James Harkin, “Multiplicity,” Cyburbia : the dangerous idea that’s
changing how we live and who we are (London : Little, Brown, 2009), 162.

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