“I will use Google before asking dumb questions.”

If you are a fan of The Simpsons, you should have seen a picture with a quote, “I will use Google before asking dumb questions.” I agree that everyone does it today. Unfortunately, this case affects the teenagers’ behavior, which is the increase of chatting habit. Google could make us look smarter than face-to-face communication, because we can search for something our friends say, and that means we can continue the conversation without asking dumb questions to our friends, and our friends will never know if we had searched something about their phases. Last year (2010), I walked down to subway and took a train in New York City. Unbelievable, I saw 75% of teenagers were texting, and some of my American friends also texted in their classroom. I believe that Google is one of the reasons which cause such a problem, that the teenagers have become smartphone addicts.

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While the teenagers feel they are smarter when they chat, how hurry they use Google does not provide their brains to memorize what they search. This means, in order to memorize something in long term, human’s brain need two or more evidences. On the other hand, Google gives them just one evident, and often it is not logical. Next time when their friends talk about the same thing, these teenagers will need to use Google again.

Later, these students will be shy to face the real people and ask dumb questions which actually, they are not that dumb. If they could not find the answer in Google search, they would solve their problems by posting their questions on the website such Yahoo Answers, WikiAnswers, Google Guru. Many users play these social networks just because they have fun with collecting the points or scores from the best answers. These users will do everything to make themselves reliable without having any knowledge about the questions. Especially for native English speakers, they can pretend to be professional by using college vocabularies, and then people will vote for their answers.

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